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  • A Chosen of Thanos (no, not that Thanos) who is savagely turned into a Vrykolakas prior to her visitation. Enraged by her new condition, she devotes her existence to hunting down and destroying the undead, punishing those who think they can cheat her master. Assuming she survives her adventures, she gradually becomes recognized as a Goddess of Fate, turning her wrath upon those who would seek to defy the natural order.

    A Created of Hephaestus who is just obsessed with the idea of animated colossi, and how to manufacture them. Probably because they happen to be one, themselves! Over the course of their adventures, they gradually ascend to divinity and become a God of Robotics. They leave behind a cult of self aware automotons who revere him as their divine creator.

    A naturally born Scion of Hermes who became the star athlete on the school's track team with a perfect win record. Impressed by their fitness level, the messenger of Olympus offers to provide them with a real challenge 'for once.' Over the course of their adventures, they continue to improve upon their inherent agility, eventually becoming renowned as the God of Speed and leaving all challengers in the dust.


    • A Scion of Artemis. Who, in an effort to keep him focused on the more important tasks at hand, decided to curse her new representative with impotence. Until such a time as she deems him worthy enough to remove the affliction, or he becomes powerful enough to remove it, himself.

      A Scion of Geb, who has become a multi-time champion in the art of sand sculptures. This artistic talent increases by nearly a hundred fold once their divine connection with the Earth is fully awakened. Shortly after discovering this, they head off towards the deserts of Egypt, to hone their abilities further.


      • Is it wrong of me to want to do a riff on Magnum PI as a scion of one of the Hawaiian deities (maybe Kaulu)?

        What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
        Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


        • Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
          Is it wrong of me to want to do a riff on Magnum PI as a scion of one of the Hawaiian deities (maybe Kaulu)?
          Absolutely not! My wife has a Scion of Juno based on Sharon Stone's character (and the much sweeter real woman who that character was based on) in Casino.

          Call Me Ray.

          Southern Gothic - Welcome to New Calais

          Who Wants to Live Forever – Highlander in the World of Darkness


          • Reincarnated Scion of Ravana. Wielding the shastra blade Chandrahas, he's going to take back the throne of Lanka and lead the rakshasas to glory once more! If he can avoid kidnapping princesses this time. He's got a bit of a Ganondorf thing going...


            • So this one's been building for a few days now. It's going to require a lot of explaining, though, since it involves something that hasn't been released and that I don't know anything about, so I'm largely making stuff up. It begins with the lost gods of Atlantis - specifically one god of my own invention: Karnon.

              Every Atlantean god is a god of intellect, just as every Teotl is a god of sacrifice. But many different Atlanteans had different kinds of intellect in which they excelled, and only together were they the highest form of the immortal mind. Karnon was a god of belief and metacognition; irrespective of objective reality, he saw true and false beliefs equally, information and logic without regard for fact. The flow of information was all that concerned him, and how it could be swayed and controlled so as to make anyone believe anything. He was known for both wisdom and trickery, cursed as a thief and deceiver (and not without reason) yet praised for his insight in the same breath. He held the Mastery of Darkness, dominion over secrets and the unknown, of rats and of ravens, and was apt to bargain with knowledge that was usually reliable. Finally, he was patron saint of the spurned. He would offer outcasts succor and balm within the shadows, safe from the harsh and unforgiving light, to use his own words. Whether victimized beggar or ostracized extremist, those on the outskirts of society often found a place under his wing.

              When the fall of Atlantis came, it was only Karnon who realized his own panic would hinder more than help. Seeing the chaos, fear, bravado and confusion of his kinsmen, he surrendered to the inevitability that Atlantis would fall... and began to plan beyond it. Though he suffered greatly to do so, he first peeled away his own Mantle and split it into four parts - Emeron, who Thinks of Thinking; Mell-Uras Ver, King of Rats and Ravens; Black Soril, the deceptive Master of Darkness; and the Lord In Rags, friend to the outcast - and disguised them as nuts, which he gave to passing birds. The birds flew far from Atlantean shores, but were struck down, for no creature could live that had seen Atlantis with its own eyes. The nuts survived, though, and circulated throughout the world, carried by bird and beast until they fell in the darkest places.

              Stripped of his very identity, there was but one thing left for the empty god to do: He tore out his own heart and cast it into the ocean. There it was eaten by a fish, which lived for a time on its bounty before being eaten by another, larger fish. That fish was then caught off the coast of West Africa, brought to mortals who'd never heard the name of Atlantis, and eaten by a happy village. In that village, one woman became pregnant, though she'd been thought barren. It was seen as a miracle, and indeed it was, for the daughter she bore was the first of a line of reincarnations that would continue on to the modern day, men and women across the world, throughout many cultures and eras. Wise and clever in equal measure, each would go on to have great adventures, but be plagued by strange dreams and a sense that there was something they weren't doing. Only a few would discover their purpose: To reassemble their divine identity, learn the fate of lost Atlantis, and return it to the World once again.

              None have succeeded in finding more than a single part of the Mantle, but as a new day dawns in the twenty-first century, the current bearer of the Atlantean Soul rises to meet it.


              • I’m working on the signature characters for my Mal’akhim project. Right now I’m leaning toward a Jewish pantheist (in the tradition of Sagan, Einstein, and Spinoza) physicist Chosen of Raziel, trying to know G-d by unraveling the mysteries of the universe (much to the frustration of those Gods and Angels who don’t want miracles scrutinized by science because of Fatebinding); a Johnny Cash based Christian Chosen of Gabriel who is a righteous prophet of justice for those who would exploit their fellow man; and a Sufi Muslim Chosen of Azrael who is an end of life councilor.

                Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow