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  • I kind of want to do a historical game where I play Alexander Hamilton as a Scion of the Orisha.


    • These are all 1e, but I think I'd enjoy playing them again adjusted as 2e...

      Daughter of Hel - Amelia (Emma) Fauntane - Tall, blonde, drop-dead gorgeous, and the lead singer in a local rock-band...She had it all until someone, actually a couple of someones, slipped something into her drinks at her high-school graduation after-party. She would have died if not for her Visitation; the records say she did.... Her Appearance, mundane and Epic (positive), is always maxed-out. Her Epic Dex rises at a 2-to-1 ratio (2 of 4) with her Epic Strength (1 of 4) and Epic Stamina (1 of 4). Her relic items are a pair of hand-axes that always return when called, a cell-phone-of-the-gods, and a set of (attached) functional wings fashioned of Stygian feathers that can be "thrown" like knives when fed Legend. Her Previews are Death, Darkness, and Frost, accessed through relic tattoos, Animal (Corvids) (accessed with the wings) and Psychopomp (accessed with the cell-phone). She sees herself as a defender of those unable to defend themselves (a guardian angel) and a guide who ensures the departed souls reach the proper afterlife. Just don't call her Hel's Angel...

      Daughter of Coyote - Moonglow Fox - With a mother who was a (politely phrased) "Woodstock devotee" (and all the negatives that go with that), she grew up on the reservation. Returning one day after getting her mother out of jail, again, she discovered the foster grand-mother who raised her, the only person in the world that treated her as if she were worth something, murdered... While tracking the killers, she received her Visitation. Upon finding out he knew about the attack but did nothing, out of grief she tried to kill her divine father... Still, he left her some relics - A silver tipped spear that changes size with legend usage (up to X- or 1/X-times size per dot of Legend), a Spirit Horse for transportation that can be summon for a scene(s) up to a day with legend, a "Coyote Ugly" tee-shirt that functions as a bullet-proof vest, and relic tattoos that allow her to access her Previews of Illusion, Animal (Canines), War, and Prophecy. [Later, she will receive a bow and arrows - unlimited ammo, range is line-of-sight, including epic perceptions - and a cell-phone-of-the-gods (Preview: Psychopomp)]. She focuses on Epic Perception and Epic Dex. When she's not temping at bars for cash, she's an agent-of-vengeance and hunter-of-titanspawn.

      Son of Hephaestus - Mac Sheen - "I'm Iron-Man... sort-of..." 'Nuff said....


      • The idea I have for this character's future would really be more appropriate for the Theoi (due to their PSP), but his origin story fits better with the Aesir


        Oliver Prestegard:
        The allegiances of many of Loki's children have been called into suspect over the ages, but in the case of Oliver, it seems all but certain that he will stand on the opposite side of the pantheon when the time of Ragnarok begins. Oliver hails from a different realm than our own, one in which fantastical creatures and wondrous magic not only survive, but also flourish as openly as humanity does within the World we call home. There, mortals live side by side with creatures who one might describe as 'monsters' seemingly without much incident. But all of this changed when Loki introduced the young Scion to the real World.

        The sudden onslaught on mundanity, along with prejudice towards mythical creatures resulted in Oliver Prestegard experiencing several weeks worth of culture shock as he tried to adjust to the new situation. For reasons unknown to him (though probably Loki's doing), he was unable to return home to the world he grew up in, leaving him stranded in this one. After finally managing to regain his composure, he realized what must have been Loki's reason for doing what he did. Merely talking to the other members of the pantheon would never convince them that monsters were anything other than a threat to be eradicated. The only way to get through to them would be to pry their eyes open and show them a better path forward!

        Since then, Oliver has taken it upon himself to travel the World, strengthening the mythical population in whatever manner he can. He lobbies for equal rights and freedom of expression, hoping to convince society that a frost giant isn't going to bite their heads off as soon as it crosses the city limits. But mortals are timid creatures, and there will always be paranoid bigots who fear losing their station as the apex members of society. That is when Oliver has to channel his inner Trickster, and forcefully remove them from power!


        Origin Path: Terra Incognita

        Callings: Liminal, Creator, Trickster

        Titles: Driver of Change


        In The Beginning: Oliver is a 21 year old man of Norwegian descent with short, brown hair and dark green eyes. He stands 6'2 in height, and weighs 156 lbs. He is athletically built, but not to the point of being a muscle bound jock. His features and body language are also unusually calm and collected. You probably wouldn't believe him if he told you he belonged to a pantheon who believes death on the battlefield is among the greatest achievements one can attain!

        Oliver's connection to mortals are tenuous at best. He adamantly rejects the idea that humans deserve to be the dominant life form of the planet, and strives to bring about a world in which all creatures may flourish. While he does not go around slaughtering mortals for the fun of it, he also does not shed any tears for mortals who are injured or killed by the actions of monsters. He recognizes that some creatures in this world must prey on humans to survive, and so long as they exercise self control and don't take more than what they need, he has no problem with allowing them to do so!

        Unfortunately, most people (i.e humans) have extreme difficulty seeing the world from his perspective, leading to him being vilified by those who are aware of his more questionable morality. It also means he has great difficulty finding reliable allies who are simultaneously loyal to the Gods. So, as much as it disappoints him to do so, he has few options but to turn to the aid of those who have thrown their hat in with the Titans.
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        • Well, having a first look at some of the rules, I thinking of a Scion of Hermes. He was a writer focused on the occult and liminal subjects. Non-fiction for Fortean Times type mags and his fiction was Space Opera with occult/spiritual themes. Early skills Academics, Art(Prose writer), Occult. His paths, if I'm using the right term, would be GUIDE, LIMINAL, and SAGE.
          More later as he is worked out. Don't know the first name, but his family name is Mercer.


          • I'm pondering the idea of a Scion of Ares (or possibly some other war god) who aspires to be/is destined to be the God of Armorers/Arms Dealers, with an iron clad devotion to the "armourer's faith" from Shaw's play Major Barbara: "To give arms to all men who offer an honest price for them, without respect to persons or principles, to ... all nationalities, all faiths, all follies, and all crimes." I'm not sure what paths would suit that.

            What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
            Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


            • With the books being out, i decided to post a list of characters i made.
              When making multiple characters i like giving myself guidelines to follow. In this case i have decided that I make one scion per featured pantheon before making more characters. Furthermore, each scion must inherit a different Calling and Purview. In order not to overburden the thread i’m limiting the character presentation. Just things like name, title, inherited calling and purview and the most relevant (or interesting) birthright.
              Hope you enjoy

              Aidan Leborgne, The Omen Seeker
              Chosen Scion of Odin
              Calling: Sage
              Purviews: Fortune and Wyrd
              Birthrights: Pair of Drones called Huginn and Muninn.
              Description: Meteorologist with a paranoid bend. He uses his incredible pattern analysis capabilities (especially on the subject of weather phenomenon) to help Odin in finding out the early signs of prophecies.

              Akshay, Councillor to the recently departed
              Chosen (or Created) Scion of Yamaraja
              Calling: Liminal
              Purviews: Death and Yoga
              Birthright: Chakrams that can be controlled at distance. Also give access to moon purview.
              Description: A kind person whose purpose is helping the newly dead acclimate to their state before being sent to Yamaraja. In life was a social worker that died of work exhaustion, which Yamaraja can certainly relate with.

              Yoshirou, Rich Heir of a demon hunting legacy
              Chosen, Scion of Okuninushi
              Calling: Leader
              Purviews: Prosperity and Yaoyorozu-no-kami
              Birthright: Social follower that is a cool Yuki-Onna lawyer.
              Description: The heir to a rich company. Studying diligently for the day he would take over, he was unprepared when his parents died in a fire and he learned that, for generations his family were merchants in service to Okuninushi as demon hunters. He now balances catching up on demon hunting while taking over the family business and keeping the company aloft.

              (continued in part 2)
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              • (Part 2)

                Joseph Flint, Author of Nightmares
                Born, Scion of Tawiscara
                Calling: Creator
                Purviews: Passion (fear), Dodaem
                Birthright: Writing pen that can be used to summon a spawn of Djieien (a giant spider that hid its heart elsewhere so it could not be destroyed). Gives access to the purview Artistry (Horror)
                Description: Ever since his birth, Joseph has been plagued with dark thought and terrible nightmares. Spending a lot of time in therapy even his parents feared for his future in society. But channeling these thoughts creatively made him an incredibly successful horror writer. While he has the reputation of a creepy and gloomy person, in truth he has a genuinely kind and compassionate heart.

                Sabra (?), Silver Tongued Snake
                Chosen Scion of Aset
                Calling: Trickster
                Purviews: Deception, Heku
                Birthright: Snake (or one of its offspring) that Aset used to get the name of Ra . A creature that can detect when someone has a dark secret.
                Description: A criminal that worked by learning the dark secret of rich people and then blackmailing them with it. Culminated with him trying that on an Incarnation of Aset and when he was caught tried to talk and charm his way out. Surprisingly (or maybe not) Aset found it quite amusing. So now he works for her in finding out other people's “true name” i.e. their secrets and exposing them to truth.

                Jean-Christophe Dieudonné, The Surviving Sacrifice
                Chosen (maybe born) Scion of Sonponna
                Calling: Healer
                Purviews: Wild and Cheval
                Birthright: Sacred broom of Babalu Aye. Gives acces to the Health purview and enhancement on action of purifications.
                Description: Abandoned in the wilds by his father as sacrifice to gain great powers. Then found and taken care of by Sonponna. Saw some doctors without borders in action and was impressed. Decided to learn modern medicine to add to his traditional knowledge.

                (continued in part 3)
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                Currently running: Scion 2nd Edition. Les Légendes Currently playing: Being a dad for a 2year old daughter and a newborn son.


                • (part 3)

                  Dai Lung (name to be changed), Most Dutiful Son of Ao Kuang
                  Chosen Scion of Confucius
                  Calling: Judge
                  Purviews: Order and Tianming
                  Birthright: The spirit of Di Renjie (Judge Di). Guide stunts that give more stunts to do with clues.
                  Description: Youngest son of Ao Kuang, he has been tasked with finding back a bunch of relic that were stolen. To do so he sought the help of his old mentor Confucius.

                  Hector Aguillera, Thousand winged warrior
                  Chosen (could be born) Scion of Huitzilopochtli
                  Calling: Warrior
                  Purviews: War and Nextlanahualli
                  Birthright: Charm of Hummingbird. Followers with the Mob tag and the They’re Everywhere warrior knack. (picture more than 50 war hummingbirds)
                  Description: A kind ornithologist turned Eco-warrior when he witnessed a bird sanctuary cruelly despoiled. Now leads a host of fallen warriors (in the form of hummingbirds) in terrifying revenge.

                  Anthony Powell, The Breaker of Bonds
                  Born Scion of Ares
                  Calling: Lover
                  Purviews: Chaos and Metamorphosis
                  Birthright: Bullet ant gun. A gun that shoots bullet … ants that form temporary Myrmidon soldiers as followers. Number of followers is dependant on wound given by the gun. Made by Myrmidon Manufacturing.
                  Description: Born in a heavy military family but never fitting in the rigid mold of the military. He instead joined an intelligence agency and use his abilities to foment discord and betrayal around the world. (think Sterling Archer essentially)

                  Tuatha Dé Danann:
                  Edward “Eddy” Manx, The Perfect (or Kindly) Host
                  Born Scion of Aengus
                  Calling: Guardian
                  Purviews: Beauty and Geas
                  Birthright: Son of the king of Cats (Cat prince). A guide that gives complication on targets who transgress laws of hospitality. Gives access to purview Beasts (Cats)
                  Description: Son of Aengus and Caer Ibormeith he became tired of living with the Sidhe and asked of his father to give him a place to rule. He is now the manager of a new Youth Hostel called BnB (for Bru na Boinne).
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                  Currently running: Scion 2nd Edition. Les Légendes Currently playing: Being a dad for a 2year old daughter and a newborn son.


                  • Double post
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                    • An antifascist Born of Odin who takes white nationalist’s co-opting Norse imagery and mythology very, very, very personally.


                      • Originally posted by Corax View Post
                        An antifascist Born of Odin who takes white nationalist’s co-opting Norse imagery and mythology very, very, very personally.
                        To quote myself from the Discord: "If you're not running an Aesir game that doesn't feature at least one punched Nazi per arc are you even trying?"

                        Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


                        • A Scion of Djehuty, who was Created from a boulder they found laying in a desert cave. Possessing insight gained from millions of years of quiet contemplation, they awaken to find their Calling is that of a Sage.

                          A Cu Sith, who takes it upon themselves to be the band's personal mascot. Because their kind are considered bad omens in traditional folklore, they pretend to be a regular dog when going out in public, so as to not cause too much of a panic.

                          A Therianthrope, who gained their power by ritually consuming the heart of an eagle. Now, they must repay their debt to Maudjee-Kawiss by acting in service on their behalf.
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                          • An incarnation of Zeus that he "lost." Turns out Hera stole this incarnation in order to have him raised to be a better man and later a better husband than the main god.


                            • Originally posted by Kyman201 View Post
                              To quote myself from the Discord: "If you're not running an Aesir game that doesn't feature at least one punched Nazi per arc are you even trying?"
                              Meanwhile me and my other friends are almost 100% convinced Aesir Gods are racist pricks, but I guess it's up to interpretation.


                              • Originally posted by Shawarbaaz View Post

                                Meanwhile me and my other friends are almost 100% convinced Aesir Gods are racist pricks, but I guess it's up to interpretation.
                                Hey now. The Aesir would be against the kind of bullshit that the Nazis are up to. They'd have their OWN baggage, mostly involving their dislike of giants, especially Thor "Smite-First-Ask-Questions-NEVER", but they would be OFFENDED at Nazis using their imagery for that kind of crap.

                                Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.