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  • I kind of want to do a historical game where I play Alexander Hamilton as a Scion of the Orisha.


    • These are all 1e, but I think I'd enjoy playing them again adjusted as 2e...

      Daughter of Hel - Amelia (Emma) Fauntane - Tall, blonde, drop-dead gorgeous, and the lead singer in a local rock-band...She had it all until someone, actually a couple of someones, slipped something into her drinks at her high-school graduation after-party. She would have died if not for her Visitation; the records say she did.... Her Appearance, mundane and Epic (positive), is always maxed-out. Her Epic Dex rises at a 2-to-1 ratio (2 of 4) with her Epic Strength (1 of 4) and Epic Stamina (1 of 4). Her relic items are a pair of hand-axes that always return when called, a cell-phone-of-the-gods, and a set of (attached) functional wings fashioned of Stygian feathers that can be "thrown" like knives when fed Legend. Her Previews are Death, Darkness, and Frost, accessed through relic tattoos, Animal (Corvids) (accessed with the wings) and Psychopomp (accessed with the cell-phone). She sees herself as a defender of those unable to defend themselves (a guardian angel) and a guide who ensures the departed souls reach the proper afterlife. Just don't call her Hel's Angel...

      Daughter of Coyote - Moonglow Fox - With a mother who was a (politely phrased) "Woodstock devotee" (and all the negatives that go with that), she grew up on the reservation. Returning one day after getting her mother out of jail, again, she discovered the foster grand-mother who raised her, the only person in the world that treated her as if she were worth something, murdered... While tracking the killers, she received her Visitation. Upon finding out he knew about the attack but did nothing, out of grief she tried to kill her divine father... Still, he left her some relics - A silver tipped spear that changes size with legend usage (up to X- or 1/X-times size per dot of Legend), a Spirit Horse for transportation that can be summon for a scene(s) up to a day with legend, a "Coyote Ugly" tee-shirt that functions as a bullet-proof vest, and relic tattoos that allow her to access her Previews of Illusion, Animal (Canines), War, and Prophecy. [Later, she will receive a bow and arrows - unlimited ammo, range is line-of-sight, including epic perceptions - and a cell-phone-of-the-gods (Preview: Psychopomp)]. She focuses on Epic Perception and Epic Dex. When she's not temping at bars for cash, she's an agent-of-vengeance and hunter-of-titanspawn.

      Son of Hephaestus - Mac Sheen - "I'm Iron-Man... sort-of..." 'Nuff said....