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  • Originally posted by Nyrufa View Post

    Thank you... I really needed the mental image of Hephaestus creating "marital aids" for Aphrodite...
    Maybe he got some pointers from Netjer?


    • Originally posted by No One of Consequence View Post
      He made her a motorcycle that runs on pure unfiltered vanity.
      THAT kind of toy... not the kind you are thinking...


      • A Satyr, who uses her body as a tool for creating abstract paintings. She is especially fond of "collaborative" pieces, as are the fellow artists who she agrees to work with.

        A Hulder, who lives under the freeway system, and has garnered a reputation of being a "wise sage" among the local homeless population. In truth, he's just a crotchety old geezer who's too stoned out of his mind to know what he's talking about.

        A Deer Woman, who prior to starting her legend, was serving as a judge for domestic cases. Since then, she has gained a newfound appreciation for the ceremonial robes she wears in court. It makes hiding her bestial features much easier!
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        • A few of the pregens I have worked on for my post-apocalyptic Tijuana/San Diego and desert region setting:

          Nuada's Forged Blade a final girl whose college summer outing was attacked by a titanspawn horror, she survived but became a burnout until the call to heroism came again in her 30s. She bears a grudge against titanspawn and wants to create a corps of monster hunters.

          The Collector a well-educated black market antiquities-dealer who collects and maintains a chthonic vault for his father, Hades. Like his father, he has outsize ambitions and reach and wants to carve out a criminal empire for himself and with his Colt 1911 carved out of a black marble tomb he might just make it.

          Ditch Rider is a child of Sobek who maintains canals and irrigation systems throughout the region single-handedly, but with the dream of maintaining respectful and caring relations between humans and water in this broken world.

          La Nepantlera a daughter of Tezcatlipoca, she transgresses moving through the walled and armed communities in the broken region - educating and raising resistance against unjust people.


          • I'm kinda hoping there might be some future relic related material that goes into detail about designing your own. I keep wanting to make a scion of Ares who has the Red Sword of War as mentioned in Revelations and Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series. Said sword naturally looking like one of those oversized anime monstrosities.

            What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
            Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


            • A Scion of Hera, who teaches women's self defense classes, in the effort to reduce her step father's chances of committing adultery in the future.

              A Scion of Aphrodite, who became one of the world's most successful pimps. In order to honor his mother's title as the 'patron goddess of prostitutes,' they use their gifts to defend the workers from customers who like to get too rough.

              A Scion of Hermes, who aspires to be the world's greatest thief. In order to achieve this ambition, they make a habit of only stealing from other master criminals.


              • Never mind; I misread the suggestion.


                • A pair of twins, one Chosen by Wesir, the other Chosen by Het-Heru. Being selected by the gods of both life and death has resulted in a complicated relationship between the two siblings, who often find that Fate is conspiring to put the two at odds with one another.

                  A Scion of Tawiscara, who is more than a little upset about the loss of their ancestral land. Having been Created instantly on the spot, they are free of any emotional attachment to the world outside their tribe, making them a perfect candidate for expanding the size of their reservation territories.

                  A Scion of Takamikazuchi, who has aspirations of becoming the next Yokozuna. Their short size and small frame only further accentuates their Legend, as they work hard to climb the ranks of Sumo.

                  A Scion of Sun Wukong, who exhibits manic joy in following in his father's paw prints. That is to say, traveling the world and beating the living crap out of anybody who tries to assert their authority over him.