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    Originally posted by Yig1015w View Post
    So stress damage can only grant two complications from a single slot? Why couldnt someone split that 5 stress into two -2 complications and 1 -1 complication. What happens if they were hit for something crazy like 7 damage? Splitting it into two complications means a -4 slot and a -2 slot. Is that last point of stress forced into your vitality slot? But what if your 1st vitality slot is already full? Does it then get sent down to a 3rd complication? Seems like a complicated system for what seems to be fairly simple one overall.

    Seems like it would have been much cleaner and simplier to just have your vitality equal your stamina and take dmg normally (from left to right) with the option of reducing it with injury complications totaling no more than -9. (The total of current complication values allowed)
    There doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of Injury Complications you can get. Injury Boxes don't say that they are for Injury Complications even though they probably are. They also don't say what happens when you take a huge amount of damage, or if you are forced to fill up Vitality Boxes instead of Injury Boxes at any point.

    So, it looks like the bad guys can beat on you forever trying to fill your last vitality box. That's probably not working as intended, but that's the way it seems to work right now.

    And yeah, your system sounds muuuuch less complicated.


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      It's not explicit I suppose, but I thought it was pretty obvious that the injury boxes are for injury complications, and you only have those four.

      IMO the only things missing is (1) what do you do when you don't have the minimum vitality box to fill (taking 1 stress and your 1st vit is filled; can you fill a higher box?) and (2) what happens if you take more stress than you fill with any available boxes (taking 10 stress when all your injury boxes are full and you only have a 4th vit box available; are you just straight taken out?).

      Edit: And how your Vitality boxes clear. Could be end of the scene, but nothing says when.

      This is almost identical to how FATE works, so I default to how it handles these things, but it'd be good to have a proper answer.
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        Neall just gave the answer over in the Kickstarter thread. If you have your 1st vitality slot full and both your -1 conditions full then you mark the next box. I followed up to ask what if your next vitality box is your 3rd but you have a -2 complication slot available. Would they then be able to use the -2 complication box instead of filling the 3rd vitality since its closer in damage anyway. I assume that's the case though since it would be easier and more flexible. Its also been confirmed by Neall that u have -1,-1,-2,-2,-4 for your complication slots. So 5 for each character.


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          Is there an agglomerated collection of links to previews?


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            Originally posted by Axelgear View Post
            Is there an agglomerated collection of links to previews?

            Remi. she/her. game designer.


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              Much obliged.


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                The Pantheon Signature purviews previewed presently per the kickstarter are certainly interesting. Wyrd is a dabbling in the fortunes of yourself and others with blessings and curses and foretold events, the mechanics work in a somewhat direct manner in the sense that the player elects what future or happenstance will come to pass. while Tianming is good with mandates and other organization based themes which includes the trans formative powers of titles and red tape, its sounds a lot more story driven and can work against both small fraternities and large global organizations. However, it does make me wonder if a Scion or other being with the purview can choose not to recover legend in order to keep conditions in place.

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                  Well it seems like there are two ways to use legend this time around, spending, which is the standard "now you don't have it" and imbuing, which seems more like investing it. So it is possible you can keep an imbued legend point running an effect as long as you like.