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Polyhedron's Interview with Neall!

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  • Polyhedron's Interview with Neall!

    Hello, Scion community forum!

    My name is Matthew, and I have the humble pleasure of bringing to you an interview with Mr. Neall Raemonn Price! He was very kind to sit down with my co-host Ryan and I to jam about Scion, its upcoming Kickstarter , and everything that it entails. Gods and monsters! Fortune and fame! Parenting advice! We got it all baby!

    Episode 018: "How do I become a God" w/ Neall Price

    Polyhedron is roleplaying game focused podcast concerning all aspects of the hobby. One would say we are "Multi-faceted" . We hope you enjoy the episode, and if you’d like to listen to more episodes please visit the podcast’s website. We are also on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play Music. Just look for Polyhedron - Headcanon Games.

    Now get off your butts and back that Kickstarter!

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    It's Amazing!


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      Why thank you. I am glad you, and I am sure many others, enjoyed the episode. It was super fun to do.

      If anyone has questions about that episode or Polyhedron in generally, feel free to ask them here.