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  • American Gods Style?

    I just backed the Kickstarter! While I realize the core premise of the game is that you are the scions of an extant, but possibly no longer worshipped pantheon, I wonder if it would work for an American Gods-style / Unknown Armies Avatar game, where you represent iconic things / memes /cultural things from your culture.

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    Well, keeping in mind we don't know much about the fluff of 2nd edition, but in 1st edition, an American Gods was a very direct inspiration. You start as a minor player in the pantheon, but as you go up in power, you eventually take a place in the Pantheon. This usually (but not necessarily had to) meant you took the place as "A god of...".

    Your trappings were very much up to the player. So, you could choose to, say, use a hammer similar to Thor, or use bones as part of your divination abilities. 2nd Edition seems to use "Motifs" to do this same kind of thing (Such as Aesir pantheons getting a bonus if they use Norse Runes).


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      Yea, I get that. I was kind of thinking about getting completely away from the pantheon. The gods of the Norse didn't start as the children of the Greek gods ;-)


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        I think mechanically speaking, you do have to be tied to an existing pantheon (or one the the GM has made up). Of course, I think if you could houserule it pretty darn easily.. You just wouldn't get the benefit of a Motif, but you would get to pick all three of your callings.


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          Not in the default setting so much, because Godhood in Scion is built on "Legend", as opposed to "Worship" as in American Gods (where people sacrificing time and focus of their lives to the altar of Media inherently deifies her).

          In Scion you're less likely to see "Media" as a new deity supplanting the old, than you are to see Hermes upholding media as part of his modern purview (for example).

          That said, the game is going to have different "Shards" (alternate settings) where things can run differently.

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            That's not a part of the core setting, but if you want to introduce Gods of Modernity into your game, coming up with them will be real easy. Just pick three Callings and some Purviews that fit.

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              That's my thought. The old system would have supported it just fine so I don't doubt the new system will.