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How interesting is the world for Mortals?

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  • How interesting is the world for Mortals?

    Is the setting also interesting for mortals?

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    1st Edition was extremely light on material for Mortals. So, I'd say no. But they are definitely making an effort to change that in 2E, as the core book is based entirely around Mortal or near-mortal characters.


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      If it helps, Origin has a section on urban fantasy that goes both ways: supernatural beings interacting with ordinary humans and humans interacting with supernatural beings. At least, that's the way it is right now. If you want to do War of the Oaks, you can.
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        Originally posted by Alonne View Post
        Is the setting also interesting for mortals?
        For 1e? In theory, but in practice not really. Theoretically mortals are able to take on anything that a Hero-level Scion could, but they don't get the variety of small but important bonuses that almost all Scions do (10 free points of Epic Attributes and Boons, knacks, birthrights from their divine parent...) so in practice they're out of their league. So you could make an interesting campaign for mortals, but it isn't viable out-of-the-box.

        For 2e? It's supposed to be, we don't really know that, but Origins is supposed to be the book for mortal-level stuff. Pre-visitation Scions, sorcerers (I hope their spells work like divine powers*), low level mystical beings, and even normal people. They won't be able to interact with the truly interesting bits of the setting, but it's supposed to work as an Urban Fantasy setting in contrast to the mythic setting of Hero+

        * simply so it would be theoretically possible to scale them to Hero level and up, if I've been playing an Origins game and move it into the Hero arena I hope all my players can keep their characters.

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          It's as interesting as our world would be if it had gods and magic and monsters? I'm not sure I get the question. We woukdn't be getting a dedicated mortals book if it wasn't interesting.

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            As a sidenote, it's entirely possible in 2e to play a mortal from a terra incognita, which among other things can be used to have someone who's got a bit of an in on the truth of the World, a fish out of water, or both.

            Scion 2E: What We Know - A wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.


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              "Let's gatecrash a Scion's party" is always a fun college adventure.

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                In Scion 1E, it seems like mortals got the shaft, especially as the game progressed. Followers tended to become almost useless around Demigod and God level, because the threats were so powerful that your minions were pretty much just there to distract them.

                But I understand they're trying to rework that with 2E so they'll be more effective, and thus we'll have more incentive to give them attention.


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                  On a scale of 1 to Diomedes, how powerful can mortals in Scion get?


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                    Originally posted by Geckopirateship View Post
                    On a scale of 1 to Diomedes, how powerful can mortals in Scion get?
                    A completely regular modern-day mortal? 0.5 - 1.5
                    Mortals who are Sorcerors or Unawakened Scions or something? We don't know, we'll have to wait to find out.
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                      Here is the thing. Scale is the way you tell the difference between a human and everyone else. Humans, with a scale 1, basically have at least 2 die penalty on anything else that's got some major mojo qualities to them.

                      A human versus a giant? We're talking a 6 dice penalty there, even just to shoot them. Gonna be a tough tough match.

                      Of course, if your GM gives you appropriate encounters like Werewolves, Vampires, Tengu... Shouldn't be too bad.
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                        Originally posted by evilnerf View Post
                        Of course, if your GM gives you appropriate encounters like Werewolves, Vampires, Tengu... Shouldn't be too bad.
                        The average vampire in first edition has a Legend rating of 5, making them a Demigod level threat. Individual vampires can rank even higher than that!

                        Werewolves, on the other paw, appear to be a template applied to humans, rather than a predetermined species of monster. So their Legend can vary between Hero and Demigod level. Possibly God level if they're really hard core!


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                          I imagine that the World for mortals will become a lot more chaotic, for better or for ill, with the return of ancient gods and horrific monsters. Chances are some parts of the world could end up regressing into chaotic technologically and socially backwards wastelands similar to Mad Max, except filled with monsters on account of divine manipulation and inter-pantheon warfare. Then again, mortals could end up enjoying a Solarpunk wonderland of anachronistic awesomeness.

                          ​Should be interesting either way.