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  • Timeline of the World

    So we know that history transpired differently in the World, where the gods have more influence on society than they do in our current world. I thought it it'd be fun to come up with Scioniish twists on history that can serve as potential plot hooks.

    Salem Witch Trials - The Salem Witch Trials were actually a hunt for members of a local cult of Odin who had been taught the basics of magic by a charismatic Scion.

    The Cultural Revolution - The cultural revolution of China was in fact an attempt to 'take back' the country from the influences of the former Scion aristocracy. Now that its ended and many of their edicts have been reversed, the gods are attempting a more assimilationist approach lest they incur the wrath of humanity yet again.

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    The American Civil War - During this years long conflict, scions and faithful of the pantheons moved in the shadows to try to attract the attention of their chosen gods of war, leading to ever growing atrocities to earn the favor of the likes of Mars, Lugh, and Thor for their respective sides.

    Dust Bowl- One of the lesser known initiatives of the US Government during the Thirties was to try to appease any fertility god they could appeal to in the hopes of ending the disaster in the west.