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How well does Scion do Anime?

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  • How well does Scion do Anime?

    Was watching Saint Tail and had to Wonder how well would scioin be able to represent that kind of story of playing the righteous thief drawing Into their orbit.

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    I think your concept would work very well in Scion, as Fate would bring the thief and their pursuer into continuous conflict.

    Not sure about your initial question though. Lots of Anime are very different. I think it'd do a pretty good job of portraying something like Princess Mononoke, or Spirited Away.


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      With all its focus on myth and legend, I also think in some ways that Scion could potentially be a good match for a Fate/Stay Night game.

      Reading over the rules, I feel like the Storypath system would be a great fit for running the type of high action games designed to emulate shounen anime/manga. If we ever just got a generic Storypath system core book, I would personally love to hack it into a One Piece setting.


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        I think Exalted is the Anime RPG system.


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          Final Fantasy, while not strictly anime, does borrow from a lot of different mythologies and symbolism. And you can set it in virtually any time period you want!


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            When scion 2e is released i fully intend on doing a ''Highschool of the Gods'' anime style scion game.

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              The Storypath system seems like a pretty good fit for Shonen with its scaling subsystem, I've been testing it a bit.