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Dissapointed by the Netjer preview

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    I look forward to the longer response, and hope it happens before the kickstarter ends.


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      Originally posted by NateD View Post

      Thanks so much for jumping into the thread, Neal! And to whoever wrote the chapter - sorry if the response wasn't what you hoped for. We fans are mighty and merciless, but it's just the enthusiasm talking. I'm 100% certain that the final draft is going to be all kinds of Kickass!

      And Neall - your consultative style and (frankly-impressive!) knowledge of the myths has earned a lot of trust - I reckon it's times like this that it'll pay off for you. I, for one, am just going to step back and let you all do your thing.
      I second all of this.

      ​I think everyone did a good job voicing their concerns as just that: concerns, instead of rabid fan rage. Similarly, Neall and his team have done a great job handling and addressing those concerns.

      ​I personally think it's quite telling that this one preview has been the only thing to draw any serious negativity from all of us so far. So far, this team and this project have been batting 1000 and we've had very little to complain about. And even this one complaint is being handled and dealt with reasonably and maturely by all involved. I still remember the early days of the EX3 Kickstarter, and how EVERY update the devs gave was met with a tidal wave of nitpicking and negativity, to the point where they eventually just gave up giving us any updates at all.

      ​I'm really glad we've seen nothing like that in this Kickstarter, and I'm also looking forward to just letting the devs do their thing and seeing what they come up with.

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