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Story Hook: Heroes Reborn-esque Reemergence of Scions

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  • Story Hook: Heroes Reborn-esque Reemergence of Scions

    So, I just had a really interesting idea for a story hook.
    Begin with something similar as to what happens after the original Heroes series. The Scions go underground, and keep out of sight, but everything goes like it does leading the the Heroes Reborn series. People are super wary of Scions, and people who could be them. The world governments try to keep tabs on known ones, but some get tired of it, and have set up an underground information network to spread the truth of the Heroes. Then one young Scion posts to the site and YouTube, showing off their new powers. More young Scions follow suit. They all begin to show their powers. And the world at large isnt super happy about it, but they do have their supporters.

    Maybe have a setting or hook about the government not being ecstatic about the destruction and possible injury, so they have other myth beings in their employ, or even rivals fighting against them. I know its not super fleshed out, but maybe we can work it into something service-able

    just thought it might be a good idea, especially if you want to do a younger powered people's campaign in this day and age.

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    I have an idea along those lines kicking around in my head, I'll admit. May see if I can get it up and running when the book drops.

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      This would be a super duper easy Shard to do.

      Call me Regina or Lex.

      Female pronouns for me, please.


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        I would be happy to try and write up the Shard for that community thing we got!! who wants to help?!