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What do Onyxpath GM Screens usually look like?

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  • What do Onyxpath GM Screens usually look like?

    I am considering adding a GM Screen to my Scion Kickstarter pledge but I have never backed a Onyxpath project with a GM Screen before so I don't really have a reference for what they usually look like. Are their Screens more mechanics and stats focused, or do they have things like NPC and locations tables? I prefer a GM Screen that is purely stats, rules, and mechanics focused. I want it to be entirely about saving me from having to look things up in the book.

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    We try to look at it from the game runner's point of view and provide a selection of charts and tables for easy reference that you would need in a typical night's gameplay.


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      They're usually the most important rules and stats for the main weapon classes, similar to Savage Worlds ones, if you've used them, i.e. the kind you want.

      EDIT: RichT said it better, I suspect he has insider knowledge on these things.


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        Can you buy game screens outside of a Kickstarter ?
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          Short answer: no, you can't get a screen outside of a Kickstarter.

          Explanation/Long answer: Right now, DTRPG doesn't have the ability to print the actual screens. However, they do offer Hammerdog's The World's Greatest Screen which is a customizable GM screen (four panels on each side). I know that the PDF of the Character Sheet pads for New World of Darkness (1st edition) usually had the screens available for print and I have PDFs for Demon and Requiem 2nd edition. I haven't seen any for the newer 2nd edition games, sadly.

          If you decide to buy one of those screens, I suggest you buy it direct from Hammerdog. DTRPG wanted over $16 for shipping. Hammerdog charges a flat $5.

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