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    Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
    tell us a little about yourself

    But I will say my favorite pantheon is the Theoi. I'm boring like that.


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      Right. Might as well do this. I go by many names, but almost none of which will pop up with any frequency due to my tendency to lurk rather than actively discuss. Started with horridly unbalanced homebrew in the early 2000s and moved to D&D and WoD from there. The full list of systems played would both take too much effort and seem too much like a dick measuring contest for my liking. As per favored pantheon... eh. I have a few I like, but none are really favored.

      Originally posted by Alpharius View Post

      But I will say my favorite pantheon is the Theoi. I'm boring like that.
      You amuse me, good sir.


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        Might as well get this out of the way...

        Hey all, I'm Crofter from Finland, commonly also known as Hero, since that's my last name. You probably won't be seeing a lot of me, I'm a lurker by nature.

        My favourite pantheon is probably the Teotl, although I do like the Theoi and the Aesir. Oh, and the Finnish one; pretty much due to a single myth about the gods going on a hunt for boar. The boar was more terrible than expected, and every god ended up climbing up a tree in fear. Gotta love that...


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          Welcome to the new faces, hi to the familiar ones, and hey all around! My name's Pedro, and i'm a 29 year old spanish guy. I answer to Phersus in these OPP fora and i've been here since their creation, coming from the old ones.

          Mythology has always been one of my personal hobbies thanks to my uncle, and so when i discovered Scion 5 years ago i was completely delighted. The concept was and is absolutely great, so i talked with one friend of mine about it and she quickly brought another two players, which i did not know very well. I owe Scion more than just hours of amusement for that, and thus it has a very special place in my heart; these pals i've talked about are nowadays some of my closest friends. We had these conflictive, driven characters, smashed together in some disfunctional group of shorts. We were fighting between us as much as protecting each other from outer threats, and somewhere along the road we found ourselves growing with our characters, and out of them. This is absolutely no new thing in roleplaying, but well, Scion was that game for me.

          So,,, yes, forgive the ramble. My three chosen Pantheons are the Theoi, the Netjer and the Tuatha, though the Teotl are always close, In the end, my favourites are the Tuatha; beacuse of the feelings and familiarity (and besides, Lugh is simply too much! xD) [By the way, Watcher, if you read this, i'd love to have some more information and myths about the Tuatha. I think i know the basics, as i've done quite a bit of research on my own, but having a proper history student pointing at quality mythology sites is simply too good to pass! ]

          All the group contributed to the Kickstarter, and we are impatiently waiting for more details as we start to flesh the new chronicle.

          Userhat Aegpts Vlrs. Coren "Ojos de Fuego". Mithrael. Menehet.


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            I wish I could actually decide which pantheon I like best. Of those included in 2e, I really love the Theoi, Aesir, Netjer, Tuatha, Orishas, Shen, and Vedic.

            My first character, should I have the opportunity to play, will likely be a chosen of Brigid.