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Some other Kickstarters for Scion fans

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  • Some other Kickstarters for Scion fans

    While I was waiting for Scion 2 edition ( and then a week after the project ended ) there were a few other projects I backed to get me in the Scion mood.
    No links because I don't ​ work for these people but if you are interested you should be able to find them.

    "Mythic Mortals" - by David Schirduan project finished and on Drive Thru RPG
    When the ancient Gods left the world they left seeds of power in humanity, now they have returned to reap what they had sown. You play your self as one of the few people able to tap in the power and fight. No real out of combat rules game is meant to be an arcade beat um up not a lasting campaign. You use poker cards on your play mat to show the archetypal powers you havemoment to moment.

    "Lords of Rock" - by Table Top Games pledge manager still open
    Card game where the ancient gods have returned as rock bands to win the souls of humanity. You pick a pantheon and decide witch members are in your band based on your tactical choices about primary and secondary skills

    "City of Mist; a noir RPG of modern legends" - by Amit Moshe active project 3 weeks left
    In THE CITY everyone has a magic power hidden inside of them but THE MIST keeps all but a few unaware of their own potential and the strangeness around them. Character creation seems to be picking cards that represent either your legend or your mortal life skills that provide TAGS that you can apply to rolls if you can justify it. You can unlock more from your cards if you reinforce them or can lose them if you neglect them.

    The sea looks at the stability of the mountain and sighs. The mountain watches the freedom of the sea and cries.