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Lets explain away Miracles !!!

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  • Lets explain away Miracles !!!

    Heres a game one person suggests a Miraculous or supernatural event the others toss out the kind of BS skeptics will toss at it.

    Here I'll start...

    Someone with an supposedly incurable condition such as Aids, Cancer or MS, has a sudden and Miraculous recovery.

    A way to explain that away.

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    Easily enough. Remission can occur in the case of AIDS when the parts of the immune system (other than the CD 4+ T-cells) manage to figure out the right combination of solutions through trial and error. Remission can occur in cancer when the cells around the cancer start to 'learn' that they are surrounding an mutated structure and commit cellular suicide in order to stop the spread of the cancer (poisoning the cancer cells with their toxins as the normal cells decay and cutting the cancer cells off from the flow of blood as the rupturing cells start to clog the blood vessels). Remission can occur in MS when the immune system 'relearns' that the nerve cells are not invading organisms and stops attacking them. The three examples are simple probabilistic occurrences and are not that miraculous because they are not particularly rare (1:2,500 to 1:25,000, depending on the exact type of cancer).

    Real miracles are things that are not explainable by simple probability. An example of a real miracle would be curing someone of blindness or deafness by a spontaneous recovery of damaged sensory organs, by curing a paraplegic by healing a severed spine, etc. I would be more than willing to admit that the spontaneous healing of that type of damage would be a miracle because it is beyond any probabilistic function that I am aware of. And there are a few cases every year of that sort of thing happening, so there are a few cases every year of what I would consider to be legitimate miracles. Of course, I have no idea what is causing those miracles to occur, but it is nice that there are still mysteries in life.


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      Fair points, but if your a Salubri, mage or Person with the Healing or Empathic Numina, dont you think you would probaly want to distract the media from giving the person so blessed too much attention.

      Children HAVE been known to regenerate lost fingertips in real life, so you know.
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        Yes, one of the advantages of being young. I imagine that any mystical healer keeps quiet about their abilities, either restricting it to 'worthy' people they find or having an agent find 'worthy' people for them. Whether worthy means good people or rich people depends on the individual.


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          a similar question, ideas how an assasination carried out with "Biting bullets" (Page 75 "Kinfolk A breed apart") can be written off?

          they allow murders to be carried out under seemingly impossible circumstances...allowing gunfire without guns
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