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Demon: questions from a wanna-be player

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  • Demon: questions from a wanna-be player

    I'm turning to you two question from someone willing to play my story:

    1) What happens if a "male" fallen angel take a woman's body as vessel? His Apocalyptic Form is still "masculine"?

    2) Demon and human soul can swithch over the body's control?

    Thank you, and as usulal, forgive my poor english.

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    1) I'd allow it as an ST

    2) that is homebrew territory, as written the human soul leaves the body


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      1) depends on who is dming ya and what are their perceptions on the idea of genre within an eldtrich being. but i would allow it.

      2) the soul is gone...what is retained is a sort of residual conciousness, but yeah, i allow the switch back and forth.

      may i ask, whats your main language?

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        thank you guys, I'm italian.


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          I guess it's pretty much answered but just my 2 cents:
          1. might be possible, I'd say its all about your interpretation of what would happen, no hard and fast answer that I'm aware of. The Apocalyptic form might also turn out to be somewhat androgynous maybe?

          2. of course you (or rather your group or your GM) can change everything about the setting you want. If we're talking about canon as it is in the books though then I'd say no. The human soul was already gone or so weak that it wasn't able to resist the Fallen possessing it. What is still there is not really a full soul or consciousness but stuff thats "left over" from the human originally inhabiting the body. The demon's soul is merged with whatever is left over in there. This can be more or less from case to case and some people (if I got it right) take some time from possession to actual realization of what they are now and what happened because there is still enough left off the original human that the new being actually thinks it still IS that human.


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            1. Demons don't really have genders. Many of them picked one gender to be more relateable to humans, but at their core they are not biological beings and don't have a sex. As has been pointed out before it kind of is a Storyteller call, but I would tailor it to the demons self-perception. If the demons strongly tied itself to the male gender and only grabbed a female body out of desperation (likely because his old one was destroyed), I'd describe the apoc form as male. Such a demon'd likely have a high legacy rating. If the demon was usually taking on one gender but wasn't very particular about it then I'd probably make the apoc form female. Same for low legacy demons, as they mostly perceive themselves as the host and thus would not display such a sweeping change.

            2. Look at the demons players guide, it actually talks a bit about it. In general most of the time the mortal soul is gone. In some cases it still sticks around (especially when the possession happened due to a weakness of spirit rather than fatal injury I'd presume), but doesn't really have the power to affect anything. An example of this can be seen with Gaviels host Noah in the Fiction trilogy. That said if the demons is very severely weakened (completly dry of wp, faith or very strongly injured, ST call really) the mortal soul may try to fight him for dominance over his body, at least for a short time. And then of course there are the very very rare cases where the mortal soul actually dominates the fallen, an example of this can be found in Lucifers Shadow. All this stuff is kind of optional though, really depends on what suits your tastes.

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              A little bit more on 2, when I ST I see if my players are good with chance throwing a curve ball in. If so we roll a percentile, they have a 50% chance to be demons as normal, a 40% chance for the body to still have a human soul that will have its own motivations that may or may not match the demons, and a 10% chance that at the moment of possession the human soul and fallen angel blended together into something new, something that is more than the sum of the 2 souls combined.


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                My player also want to be an awakening visage. According to the book the awakenig visage rejuvenate it's vessel when in apocalyptic form. Maybe this means that the awakening visage is shapeless in his spiritual form?