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So..what would Santa Be in the different Continuities?

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  • So..what would Santa Be in the different Continuities?

    I know somewhere gets mentioned that he is a Marauder, but i would like to see other interpretations of the character

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    Mh. I don't really like the Marauder suggestion.
    It smells of the cheap 'default' option without too much exact reason.
    The concept of Santa is too structured and methodic. There is very sane reason and concept behind him.

    Personally I think it'd be much more fitting if Santa was an Umbrood - to be specific, from the High Umbra.
    Given that the idea of Santa is a very cultural concept more so than a more universal human one, he'd definitely be an Umbrood created in the Astral Courts.
    Now, Santa is not quite part of a larger mythology per se - while christian in origin, he is only loosely connected to all of it in the popular mind, yet there are many myths and ideas part of his legend - again depending on cultural area, but let's go modern and say he has his workshop, his helper elves, Rudolf the rednosed reindeer and such. All created, including him, by the cultural conciousness of a good chunk of humanity.

    So, he must be an Astral Umbrood of the Mythic Worlds - and in his case a tiny one, namely that imaginary North Pole area where his famous workshop sits.

    Despite his Mythic World in the Umbral Courts being a relatively small one, his cultural significance would give this Umbrood quite some power - not in a destructive sense, but more in creation. His charms would run along the lines of Manifestation, Uncanny Timing, Conjuration Of Presents, Seeing Truth from Lie and an almost unfailable Karmic Sense. Given how much he has to deliver in a single 24 hours, a charm of Colocation is also definitely in the repertoire.

    Now, sadly, we are talking about the purest essence of the idea of Santa made form. In modern WoD days the actual Umbrood rarely manifests anymore, as the pure bland consumerism of the holidays, the sheer exploitation, and of course the banality of humanity as a whole is mostly secluding him to the Umbral Realm. There are hardly any chimneys graced by his presence anymore.

    Only children and very seldom types of adults still encounter this Umbrood, and more often than not even they only get a that subconcious, feint warmth in the back of their mind of having met more than just a dressed up person who was super nice to them. Christmas Miracles, like anything truely good, are rare in the WoD.

    There you go.
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      Consider that more people, with stronger and more active imaginations, believe fervently and literally in Santa Claus than in the entire Greek pantheon back in Classical times.

      Santa Claus would be a god.


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        Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas) is a spirit, probably an Incarna. Or perhaps a powerful chimerical creatures formed from dreams. And the "North Pole" is a dream zone realm that has lodged in the Near Umbra.


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          If Santa Claus was a vampire, he'd probably be a creepy Nosferatu that nobody likes.

          He sees you when you're sleeping
          He knows when you're awake
          He'll report you broke the Masquerade
          So quickly stab him with a stake!


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            Santa is totally a demon trying to rebrand Lucifer himself. Think about it. His name, Santa, is just a shuffling of letters from Satan. He goes around rewarding prescribed behavior and punishing the wicked by giving them coal and ugly sweaters. His primary color? Red. He's commonly depicted as a chubby glutton (one of those deadly sins). He practically uses slave labor to build his toys, and in the process glorifies sweatshops (the elves). He's an animal abuser with his eight tiny reindeer given his size. And he breaks into people's houses. And yet, his PR campaign has made all those terrible deeds into something of wonder and magic.

            Totally a demon.

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              I love it! The legendary Faerie tithe to Hell? Elves for Santa's workshop!


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                I see Santa as a Seelie nocker that makes toys for good children. However, when his Unseelie side comes out, he seeks out naughty children. Once he finds despicable brats worthy of his Unseelie wrath, he tosses them in a sack and beats them with a whip. This, of course, gave rise to the legends of the Krampus.

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                  Santa is a Gaian-loosely-Wyld incarna turned Wyrmish in the XX century

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                    If you're looking for different continuities - I think Marauder is still the best answer for MtA (sure Astral Umbrood works too, and can even exist at the same time, but the Marauder is most interesting hook).

                    There was a True Fae once upon a time, but he can only exist as a Changeling now, not capable of doing the job on a mass scale, but still trying to keep the season alive. House Dougal Sidhe with Knocker subjects?

                    For Werewolf, Astral Umbrood is less of a strong hook, and we should instead look to the "Middle" Umbra. A Gaian spirit of the Yule season and the year's rebirth following the darkness of the Winter Solstice perhaps? Though him being corrupted by Wyrm and Weaver via materialism and consumption (so Eater-of-Souls) makes sense too.

                    He does all his work at night - so an elder vampire that rests in torpor through the sunlit season in the Arctic and rises in the dark months, and ventures south to feed, but brings gifts to those he feeds on would be weirdly interesting in VtM if you didn't want to involve anything outside the vampiric.

                    For a straight Wraith game, I'd just have a Sandman, whose "gifts" come in the form of dreams.

                    For Demon, a Scourge building a cult off the legend would be interesting.

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                      I'm leaning towards Fey as well, since they are creatures that feed on imagination and possess powerful magics. Though an Umbrood is a fair idea as well. One night each year he is allowed to materialize and bring joy to children whom in turn feen him with quintessence/gnosis.

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                        If nothing else, Santa would exist as a chimera . . . probably multiple chimera, actually. All those children, in all those different cultures, all dreaming about Santa, Pere Noel, Father Christmas . . . That's a veritable ocean of glamour to sustain multiple incarnations.

                        A changeling or true fae would work, too. Or, for an interesting twist, maybe he's a Lost One. A true fae that's gone mad after accidentally trapping himself on Earth during the Shattering.


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                          Originally posted by Cadmiumcadamium View Post
                          I'm leaning towards Fey as well, since they are creatures that feed on imagination and possess powerful magics. Though an Umbrood is a fair idea as well. One night each year he is allowed to materialize and bring joy to children whom in turn feen him with quintessence/gnosis.

                          Too bad True Fae don't really exist in the present (outside of the possibility of Arcadia) RAW. I certainly go with True Fae in the Chronicles of Darkness (with the "elves" being naughty children dragged across the Hedge by the Krampus and worked into Changelings).

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