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Merry Xmas !

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  • Merry Xmas !

    i know this might be on other thread/topic but..what a hell, imma do it anyways!.
    wish ya the best, cheers and love from south america!

    as for xmas present i got the Book of Las Vegas for Mage, and a encyclopedia on the history of Magic and Occultism by Christoper Dell

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    Happy Holidays from the USA!


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      Merry Happy Blessed Holiday!!

      And a song to celebrate.

      Writing up Clanbook: Aabbt


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        Happy holidays, wisdom and fulfillment to all!

        Kisses and love, from Brazil!

        Eu prefiro ser essa metamorfose ambulante,
        Do que ter aquela velha opinião formada sobre tudo,
        Sobre o que é o amor, sobre que eu nem sei quem sou.
        É chato chegar a um objetivo num instante,
        Eu prefiro ser essa metamorfose ambulante.


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          Kind regards from cold Germany.
          The greatest thing about Xmas is meeting the whole family.
          I wish you all a good Time, not the things you want but the things you need and contentment.

          So, this Zen Master walks up to a hot dog stand and says: "Make me one with everything!"


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            Originally posted by Vysha View Post
            Merry Happy Blessed Holiday!!


            And a song to celebrate.
            That is awesome!

            Happy Holidays everyone.