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Disasters (Natural and Fabricated) in the World of Darkness

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  • Disasters (Natural and Fabricated) in the World of Darkness

    I was looking at a time-line of a specific year to get a feel for the events that took place as a sort of preparation for storytelling a game set during that time period. One of the things that caught my eye were several disasters that took place in that year. What would you say is the etiquette concerning using real life disasters in a game? Does it change of the disaster is a recent one or one that no one alive could have lived through? How much history can be blended into fiction before it's too real?

    I realize the answer to all of these questions is different for everyone but I am curious about the general consensus on the subject.

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    For me, I try to avoid integrating current or relatively recent events. I think there should be a certain amount of distance between my for-fun games and the realism of reality. Events outside of my player's lifetimes tend to be fair game, but if there is something that I think will upset a player to include (usually because it's affected their family personally), then I will just omit it or ST around it.


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      I tend to do the opposite. I have always seen cWoD as a dark reflection of our world, so I integrate the events that occur in our world in my games. I never use anything that involves the personal lives of players though (unless it is related to larger social events).