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    I was wondering if anyone was willing to share their best experiences with Hedge Magic in their games? While Hedge Magic is somewhat related to Mage, it has a place in every gameline, from Changeling to Wraith, so I think that it is appropriate for people to share their experiences from any gameline. In my own gaming experiences, Shapeshifting (Hedge Wizard and Revised) has been my favorite Path of Hedge Magic, as I have had players who have used hung spells to transform enemy Demons into frogs and allied Kindred into rhinos, as well as turning themselves into everything from from mice to elephants.

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    I'm not at all experienced with Hedge Magic myself but if I'm not mistaken we had a guy in a crossover-LARP thing who used it. We played a werewolf pack there, there were some other Fera who founded a mix-races "pack" and we also had to work together with vampires. In short it was those guys version of a Gehenna setting with the red star appearing and bad things happening that forced old enemies to somewhat join forces and whatnot.

    There also was a young ex-Black Spiral Dancer (yea well...) that we (for lack of other werewolves around) took under our wing to help him reign in the temper and get back a more solid grounding in Gaian ways.
    One night some form of demonic creature attacked the place where we met and we fought it alongside some vampires. The BSD also did his part but was kinda badly injured in the fight. The hedge magic guy (at least thats what I think he was) stood a little to the side (but still pretty close to the action) and just threw a protective circle around himself. The injured BSD pretty much collapsed right when the fight was over and our Black Fury alpha went to heal him via Mother's Touch. Just as he gets healed Mr Magicguy approaches them OOCly saying something along the lines of "oh ah... you're in my circle here. that means you have to spend a willpower or go into frenzy". The just healed BSD, having already spend the rest of his willpower (which was low enough anyways) went right into frenzy of course and started attacking his savior until the rest of us were able to subdue him. All because the other guy wouldn't move 1-2 steps to the side.

    Next meeting our beta (Fianna Metis) had orders to... clarify to the guy that it wouldn't be a good idea for him to pull something like that again.
    When he saw him he calmly handed his bottle of whisky to one packmate, his axe to another, went over, still perfectly calm, then suddenly grabbed the guy by his collars (being at least half a head smaller than him but at least as big) and started yelling at him to never dare pull off something like that again since he'd find himself ripped to pieces should the young guy ever fall into frenzy because of him again and so on.
    I have to admit seeing the serious shock on the other players face was kinda funny despite the serious IC meaning of the scene.
    Next time the guy turned up he had every form of weaponized silver on him that his character was able to muster.