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any funny stories sorrounding the games? how you made your group and so on?

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  • any funny stories sorrounding the games? how you made your group and so on?

    so i started to roleplay when i was about 14 or 15. my parents were scared of me falling into the "Satanic Backhand" because "RPG's are a Gateway to the devil" and that sort of deal.

    So, they asked me over and over again to "Save my Soul" by getting a baptism. and for a while i said "No" or "No thank you, im happy with my personal beliefs." The discussion finished when my dad said "Ok...ill pay you IF you get baptized." to which i said "Ok..but i can do What ever i want with the money and you wont complain nor be mad nor anything." my dad continued with "As long is not drugs nor prostitutes."

    So, i got baptized...The first thing i bought with the money were my official first roleplaying books. The Demon the Fallen Corebook and Demon The Fallen Player's Guide.
    To this day they cant belive that i got baptized to get "Satanic Material". to which i say "Hey, at least now my ' soul is saved' "

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    Heh, I have one along those lines, but it doesn't involve any WW/cWoD products as they were just then being released at the time.

    A bit of set-up first: way back when I was in fifth grade, I ended up shuffled back into the public school system attending the suburban hillbilly grade school down the road. I had gone to a really good, really expensive, really liberal private school between second and fourth grade, where during second grade one of us had brought the D&D red box and we got a D&D group together. The teachers noticed us playing one day during lunch, checked out the material, noticed the mechanics and that we were mastering multiplication and division and teaching ourselves pre-algebra to play the game (this school's curriculum tended to be three years' ahead of public school curricula, and we were learning stuff three years beyond that), instead of math class, we got to play D&D for an hour each day, every day.

    So, my first day of fifth grade, in I walked with my brand-spanking-new D&D Rules Encyclopedia and other assorted rule books, looking forward to making new friends and at least playing D&D during lunch. It was 1991 right at the end of the (mainstream) D&D satanic panic, and I lived in an extremely conservative area socially ruled by an iron fist by northern Baptists. Now, I can't stress quite enough how backwards-ass redneck this area was; just for starters, I'll say the local Klan chapter met in the diner across the road from the high school.

    The response the school and teachers had...I could have walked in there with a duffel bag full of assault rifles, ammo, pipe bombs, and copies of the Communist Manifesto, and caused less of a stir. The principal and counselor had me in the office for days on end during school hours, giving me long stern lectures and interrogations as to where I got my satanic material, to whom I was talking, and why, and confiscated my D&D books. The teachers "privately, on their own time" organized after-school prayer groups and Bible studies for students. They introduced "non-sectarian devotionals" to morning PA announcements. The goddamn Gideons even came into distribute New Testaments, during school hours, on school property.

    And, I became known as "that satanic kid" and was bullied and harassed by students, staff, and faculty alike. The school even trumped up a case to put me in special education to sequester me from the other kids. I fought back during that time, bringing science books from my favorite authors (Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking) to read every day instead of doing classwork, including a few choice works on evolution I could find in libraries and via special ordering through the local bookstore. When it came to people telling me what I could and couldn't learn as a kid, I was a cantankerous little shit who already had an undergraduate reading level and knew exactly which buttons to push when it came to whackadoo fundies.

    Yes, this was all a giant "2 girls 1 cup" on the First Amendment. My parents pulled me out of that school after nine weeks of nonstop bullshit, threatening to lawyer up unless they cut out the shit and gave me my D&D books back, and I got shuffled into the other grade school in the corporation where I more or less got to do whatever the hell I wanted for a school year because I had a really badass counselor which recognized the best way for me to learn was to get the hell out of my way and just check in every now and again. All was well and good, until sixth grade when I got to middle school and shuffled in with all the little fundie bastards from the other school who remembered "that satan kid".


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      I wonder what the reaction of certain religious folk would be if they would encounter the WoD books which discuss and give rules for Soul Commerce. Or if they had a look at Demon: The Fallen's Pacts...


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        It wouldn't be any different, actually. They would only see what they already expect.

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          Years ago, back in the late 80's, I used to run a Star Trek RPG. One night after the game, our group went out for a late night dinner. At the restaurant the group worked on advancing their characters as the last thing I had told them in the game was they had some down time. So here we were, sitting at a large table (there were 9 of us), with books and dice spread out. When 2 older ladies came up to us and started saying, "Those books are the work of the Devil", "You know that saying the names will summon them to do the Devil's bidding". We all just looked at them with an expression of 'What the fuck'. One of the girls at the table looked up and in a very sweet voice said,"You mean Mr. Spock is going to show up?' The ladies them actually looked at what the books said on their covers. In big bold letters STAR TREK. With that, they said they were sorry and scurried away. We had a great laugh. The ladies had obviously only saw the dice and lots of books and assumed it was D&D.



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            Ok, whenever we have new players on my group. i quickly introduce them to the rpg games and then i ask around "Ok before we any of you a virgin, we need to sacrifice you to the dark lord cthulhu in order to begin." just to tease them a little

            So, long long time ago. we used to go to this RPG shop to buy books and meet up with friends. whenever the owner closed for the day, we headed to a Resturant nearby (i cant say which one because of legal reasons..but it has a creepy king). Thing is, there were two kind of players there. Us (the roleplayers) and the Cardings, the guys who played card games...
            thing is, we were the quiet ones of the troup. and the cardings were the hyped crazy ones.

            one day one of the cardings is playing the WWF card game (before it was WWE) and the guy gets hyped. doing a summersault against one of the tables as he imitated the guy on the card. and he fucking broke that table...
            days later me and the group go there and guess what... we are banned...the owners think US, the QUIET ONES are the freaks that break shit only because.. guess what..We have dices..and the cardings are still allowed in there..

            years pass and me and another group go there and as soon as we take our rpg stuff, they ask us to leave.

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