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A loveletter to your favorite game

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  • A loveletter to your favorite game

    So. we all have favorite games within the World of Darkness universe.. But why X is your favorite game? what caught your eye or took you to the next level?. what would you say to the writers of your favorite games?

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    Mage, without a doubt. Everything is possible in a Mage story. Few game settings can actually pull this off successfully and have it all still fit. Of course much of this is due to Umbral stories but still, its there and it works. From the gutter to the realm of abstract thought the same rule system handles it all.

    Honorable mention to Vampire. Though I'm not a huge fan it does do a fantastic job of a game system that strongly reinforces its setting through its game mechanics of Generation and how difficult it is to increase without serious repercussions. At least in a Camerilla story.

    All that and forgot the letter. I would thank the writers/creators for providing 20+ years of constant enjoyment on my Friday nights.
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