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Crowdsourcing my background details

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  • Crowdsourcing my background details

    So I've finished my vampire and I'm ready to go but I was wondering if the community could come up with some better ideas for My allies and contacts. I have 5 dots in each because I'm a background whore and freebies spend 1 to 1 on backgrounds for some reason. So tell me what your top 5 allies and contacts are or as many good ones you can if you can't do 5 or can't do just 5

    . I'm sure there are some great ideas out there I haven't even thought of and I really don't like a few of the ones I thought of. So thanks for letting me leech off your brains folks ahead of time.
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    Uh... what is your vampire's background? Who might he have known in life or met in undeath? Creativity needs parameters; hard to come up with anything appropriate in a vacuum.
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      Well I hadn't meant it to be character specific but I will go ahead and attach the background writeup I did here: I tend to do them for all my characters as I feel they help me make the character and give me a real feeling of who they are by making me thing out where they came from but I digress. I was mostly just interested in some generally good allies and contacts people have had over the years.


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        If you meant just in general..

        Art Brokers
        Senior Banking Staff
        Organized Crime Lieutenants
        Major Journalist Agencies
        Crematorium Curators
        Chopshop Dealers
        Solicitor Firms
        Prison Wardens

        Just to name a few