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  • Help with some prop documents

    one of my player's love the usage of props. i mainly use documents and so on and the situation is the following. the PC's husband was commited to a mental asylum for 3 years and the PC will recently find out that he escaped the place but theres a lot of files detailing what he's been through (shock therapy and so on). So. i was wondering if anyone has or knows how can i make a prop document with all the treatment's hes been through. Also, since my player knows a thing or two, anyone who knows medicine on the forums can give me a small detailed list of different drugs one would use to keep a patient "submissive" (im thinking on going full sadistic in here) any advices?

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    You might want to check out Mr.Gone's sheets for CofD Asylum. A fill in the blanks medical record sheet is among them.

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      I can't help you with the props themselves, and certainly I am not a doctor, but I had a similar situation arise in a game recently (or, well, in my case the question was 'how the hell do you keep a werewolf drugged into compliance?'). I settled on the use of midazolam via a drip (the character was trapped in their breed form via Pentex trickery), but any benzodiazepine would have similar effects: they're ridiculously heavy sedatives that are quick-acting and have the interesting side-effect of preventing the formation of new memories; midazolam is often called the 'amnesia drug' thanks to this. Over-use can lead to agitation--patients on it often attack staff--depression, dissociation, etc.

      It's nasty, but might be the sort of stuff you're looking for. All you really need to do is use something medical-sounding enough to fool your players, anyway.