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World of Darkness: Soup Opera or Novel? how you dm it?

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  • World of Darkness: Soup Opera or Novel? how you dm it?

    i been thinking about my Dming style. i been using a lot of elements direct from soup operas. the character's having families, struggling with relationships from the past. trying to balance their families with the horror of the WoD.. so i wonder, how you see the games you run or you been in? using more comic book elements in the narrative, more like a tv show, or like a novel?

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    Urban fantasy novel. That pretty much describes it, since WoD practically started the genre. Okay, not on itself, but still.

    Relationships are important, especially between PCs, but family life/personal dramas/romantic endeavors are tend to come second after the actual plot, regardless of its origin (ST or PCs).

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      Urban fantasy novel, similar to the October Daye series, the Harry Dresden series, or the Jane Yellowrock series. Relationships between PCs and NPCs are important and NPCs are valued colleges because they often provide resources and skills that the PCs often lack. PCs often live in 'interesting times' and find themselves getting involved in unusual events despite their best attempts.