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Using Exalted's Social Mechanics for CWOD

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  • Using Exalted's Social Mechanics for CWOD

    So I am really thinking even if I don't use the Exalted Mechanics for CWOD, I really want to use how Exalted Handles Social Mechanics. So Guile, Resolve and Appearance would work like Exalted. And Intimacies. What are the thoughts on this?

    Like what about instead of Nosferatu having 0 Appearance they are forced to have Hideous Appearance?

    Any issue with making the social attributes for the gamelines Socialize, Presence, Investigation, and Performance?

    I think just the fact of making Intimacies exist it vastly improves how social situations work. The three tier system fits well already with things like Blood Bonds.

    Has anyone tried this? It helps with objectives for folks like Vampires, all of a sudden you can work on building intimacies of devotion, or fear and you now have a solid system on how they interact with social situations.

    It is a time for great deeds!

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    Interesting... You might get a better response in the Vampire forum.