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The Perfect Crime (Sorcerers)

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  • The Perfect Crime (Sorcerers)

    I was just wondering what type of crimes people think that Sorcerers could get anyway with (either using Mythic Numina, Psychic Numina, or Technological Numina)? I was think that a five-person team consisting of Sorcerers gifted in Conjuration, Conveyance, Divination, Fascination, and Fortune would be capable of pulling off 'impossible' thefts. Of course, Sorcerers gifted in Divination and Fortune can probably write their own tickets, but there are only so many times you can win the lottery before people get suspicious (and before it gets boring).

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    Hell even a team of master Thieves with just one sorcerer in it can pull of perfect crimes!

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Stealing the favourite painting of some big museum seems easy, but remember that it's likely the property of a key player in the Jyhad. I imagine the Louvre is locked down by some Toreador Methesulah.


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        Driver & lookout in a Lorry, 2-4 lookouts is separate vehicles and a Conjuror & Clairvoyant/Scryer/Diviner in the back of the lorry. park outside one of the Facilities where they destroy the money too degraded to remain in circulation. once the Clairvoyant has found where the goods are stored the Conjuror just dose their thing and swipes unmarked used bills by the shrink-warped pallet load. if you really want to cover your tracks just send in a Tech spirit to alter the records so it makes it look like the pallet you swiped never existed.

        If you don't want to go that path, same set up just from where the Drug gangs keep their money, you can take cash out of the Black economy and put it back in to legitimate circulation.