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Needing help with Aclarations on massive dissasters

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  • Needing help with Aclarations on massive dissasters

    our game was suddenly kickstarted to 2020 ( we were playing in a game set in 2017). We already asumed that some events already happend on the main plot (Such as the destruction of ravnos and New Dijon on canada).

    we are working on an aproximation of what would happend with the world's goverments after certain events but we need more information. We know that the anarchs went on war for the west coast (The goverment took it as riots) while at the same time the L.A Earthquake hit hard and heavy with Lucifer calling for "Peace". but besides the destruction of Dijon, Bangladesh and Ashcroft.. was there any major events that sort of Broke the masquerade or made a lot of people wonder "What a hell is going on?"

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    Do you want Mirzaba included? It's an 'alternate timeline'/future from the SoE revised book with some massive implications. Likewise, do you want the precursor events in the Time of Judgment books - the events that herald the apocalypse, but are not entirely apocalyptic themselves (e.g. the bombing of the UN HQ)? Orpheus? The wretched dreck of MET20's metaplot?

    Whatever the case in a mundane but serious example, the globe will not see our increasing boon of solar energy and other renewables, because of a major oil pipeline going live in Egypt instead. More oil, more environmental devastation, more political instability caused by climate change - and that instability is not minor. The current Mid-East crisis was in fact partly caused by a drought in Syria in 2006 adding higher strain to an already tense region.

    Domestic 'terror' attacks by Hunters in America, Europe, and the Mid-East, and worldwide by Rogue Council sympathizers against the Technocracy, have been on a steady rise since 2000, which is going to cause some Trouble. There's a chance of the masquerade shattering in any of them, but even if it doesn't, government repression is no bueno.

    The 2002 Quake in LA was a very big deal - the kind of thing likely to still have ramifications, just like Katrina does, for the local region and the nation. Beginning 2002, there are ever more walking dead, angry ghosts, and possessions in Egypt.

    2003 is... It's a bad year. In one night, Azrael the Earthbound has the entire seaside town of Usher’s Mist kill themselves or murder each other. The Prince of Minneapolis uses the hockey riots as an excuse to strike against the anarchs there. In the six months following the Devil’s Night, open brawls and riots take place in LA between Satanists and Christians. The Solium Submergens returns, triggering an unnatural earthquake and a 25-foot Tsunami - big enough to cause some damage, if not a major crisis. By 2003, beginning 2000, 47 churches have been burned in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana by neo-nazi magi. The speed of Light increases. Female offspring begin to dwindle significantly, which by now means we're probably not seeing many - Figures quoted at 2%, 5%, or 8% of births are female in 2003. We're now far enough out that if that trend has continued, we have major problems. There are huge riots from Astrakhan to Tiraspol, from Dnipropetrovsk to Mink, starting in Dni on May Day in Russia. A diplomatic incident in Kashmir sees India and Pakistan on the brink of war.

    2004 is a little better, so long as we leave out the actual apocalypses and their precursors, but even so: Two US Navy fighter jets disappear in a ‘freak sandstorm’ over the Persian Gulf. Several members of Congress protest secret meetings by the President with major energy companies, relaxing air pollution law and giving large tax breaks to those companies. More climate change issues right there, along with disease and a potential scandal that'd cause major political strife. Protests in Europe lead to a large bloc of countries abandoning the EU.

    2005, well, we're still here so it happened. Sapa Inca becomes aware of the Kindred and purge Detroit. They’re going world-wide if they can, so expect an uptick in Cartel violence, potential masquerade breaches, and screaming hispanic gangsters attacking vampires with machetes in the following years.

    2006 sees the global financial crisis happen because of the Syndicate. A canny investigator might join some dots. The Red Question, an Anarch cell, are also linked to it, and unlike the Syndicate, can't literally magic the tracks away.

    2007, The Ikhwan al-Safa, Knights of St. George, and the Judges break out into warfare against each other. AKA, 'religious terrorism' in the Middle East, further stirring shit up.

    Come 2010, an endron Menantol oil rig explodes, spilling 250 million gallons of oil into the sea in the Gulf - think 'deepwater horizon, but bigger'.

    By 2012, Extraordinary citizens – Sorcerors in the game sense – are arising at 12 times the rate they were a decade earlier. That's going to test the veil a little.

    2014's MExico City quake is caused by supernatural action.