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    I gotta say, I like CtD... But DA Fae rocks too much. And, despite liking Changelling the Dreaming, I would gladly throw it away in exchange of the Fae of this very rare and unique game.

    So, thinking on it, I would like some help with a few ideas to adapt this game to the modern era and to the Urban-Fantasy setting, keeping it mostly as DA Fae, and with just a few hints from Changelling the Dreaming.

    First of all, I've always hated the kiths from CtD. It just seems to me the old habit from WW to place every critters into "families" (clans/tribes/traditions and the heavily forced and highly unsuccessful guilds or legions for wraiths). I mean, why Sidhe? Why not Elfs? Or Svaltavar (or something like that, the D&D popular Dark Elves)? Some kiths make absolutely no sense (Trolls as honorable warriors? Wtf?) Or are just fictional, without real world myths reference (redcaps?), or are a gross misrepresentation of the real world myths (the Fomorians are the enemies of all Fae? Really? The Celtic evil gods are the enemies of African or Japanese entities?).

    So, freeform creation, using the Lesser/Greater features system is what I wanna, no custo limited families. However:
    Here we have a huuuuuge list of beings from mythology. I like the idea of having beings from the real world mythologies as those Fae, instead than just taking completely fictional beings (Well, playing here in Brazil for example, I can build a PC or NPC to be a Boto, the amazonic River dolphin that the native's legends claim could take a human male form and mate with women, would celebrate all night long but had to return to the river before dawn - autumn court perhaps? - could kidnap people he liked, turn those navigating too close mad for a few days, and many, many other fantastic tales). I also prefer to use a figure like "Odin, the All Father", which is widely know and already "present" in real world than a totally invented figure like "Olomadaram, Swordmaster Duque of the Autumn courty". I mean, to say "Chiron, the sagemaster centaur who were the mentor of Heracles and Achiles goes at your side, to say he will teach you", is much better than "Malkavian, a name without any meaning and totally invented, is playing tricks with you).

    So, I would appreciate some ideas on Court afiliation and Heritage of the most famous mythical creatures and beings (Ill use many old gods and unique creatures as powerful Fae, the vast majority already dead after the last great court war). For example:
    Centaurs. Spring court perhaps? Firstborns?
    Harpies: Autumn Court Firstborns?
    Phoenix: Summer court, firstborns or Fire inanime?
    Dryads: that's easy - Spring Court, Wood inanime.
    Djinn: Autumn court(?), fire inanime
    Anubis: powerful Autumn court (?) firstborn
    Hades: powerful Winter court firstborn
    Heracles: powerful changelling hero of summer court
    Fomorians: winter court from ireland, mixed origins
    Echidna (the mother of monsters): powerful spring court (?) firstborn
    Sasquatch: Winter court, ice inanime (?)
    Elfs: Summer court, firstborn (maybe, also changellings)

    I would like aditional ideas for other mythical beings in that same way (look the Wikipedia list). Im not so familiar with african folklore (except for a few that is present here in Brazil, mostly from yorubas' people) or asian, oceanic and others... My greatest familiarity is greek/norse, but all is welcome.

    Other than that... I was thinking, with the end of the Oath Truce, the war of season broke again. Here we induce some metaplot: the Old Gods dead, the Fae society broken, and the Fae themselves shattered.

    One thing I LOVE about DA Fae: Changellings CANT generate new Fae. Only firstborn or inanime can (TANTANTAN).

    Thats something huge, because in modern day, Firstborn and Inanime are pariahs on human cities. Changellings would, than, be a NECESSITY for the Fae society to work in the shadowns of humans.


    Firstborn and Inanime are STILL the ONLY source of Changellings... And Changellings CAN'T make others of their kind. So, we have a very rich ground for intense conflict here, way beyond just the court Wars. Changellings are despised by Firstborn and Inanime alike, but in modern age, the Fae simply needs them to survive. And, the changelling NEED those opressive Firstborn and Inanime that they hate, because they are the ones that keep the Fae alive. Its a kind of commoner vs nobility conflict of CtD, but with deeper roots.

    PS: the Fae from this game ARE NOT creatures from the Dreaming like CtD. They are not "chimeras from the Dreaming possessing humans", like in CtD. They are different games. The DA Fae are the forces of the Primal Magic of the world. It's important to keep that in mind for keeping this focus of the game, and not the CtD focus.
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    Now, I would like to keep the 4 (I also wanna include the Solstice Fae as a 5 court after the Dark Ages) courts into an uneasy rival-cooperation that isn't immediatly full out war, but also not immediatly alliance, preferably as the result of an Oath, but less restrictive them the Stone Oath, built as a result of the massive conflict that took place after the war broke out again in middle ages. After that war, the Fae are no longer the lords of the world, and the Age of Men, the Autumn Age of Reason, begins, forcing Fae to hide amongst mortals. Any idea on how to keep the courts on conflict, one which them can cooperate on occasions, but also get constantly on each others throats?