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  • White Wolf RPG Game Play and Subject Matter Media Group

    Hello Folks,
    I have a Facebook group I create for people to share and view White Wolf RPG game play and subject matter media. The mods and I want it to be like a Netflix for White Wolf RPGs. Meaning a one stop shop where someone can find game play, or articles to kill time, and also for content creators to share their works that would normally get drowned out in other pages.

    We allow the following types of posts
    1) Game play or subject matter videos.
    2) Articles, blogs, web forums, or write ups of game descriptions dealing with White Wolf RPGs.
    3) Homebrew material, but you must have it on your own upload.
    4) Postings from online STs looking for players. We would like if you do make a post looking for players, please provide details on anything you can think of. Please avoid ā€œIā€™m thinking about running Vampire, who wants to play?ā€ These posts are meant for people wanting to ST online games. State the time, the forum, etc etc. Please have it well thought out.
    5) Posts that promote events that deal with White Wolf RPGs
    6) Promoting of future White Wolf RPG Media, examples being articles about to be published, videos that will be released.
    7) Original artwork created by content creators dealing with White Wolf RPGs.
    8) Pictures of White Wolf RPG items that you have picked up to add to your collections. (Please post in the thread for collection pictures).

    Please feel free to stop on buy and check out what is being shared. We are 850+ members strong and hope to find more!

    For different game play videos of White Wolf Games from my play group
    If you want to find White Wolf game play media or subject matter media