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". Yeah… we can do more damage that way. " or WHAT HAVE MY PC'S DONE!!

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  • ". Yeah… we can do more damage that way. " or WHAT HAVE MY PC'S DONE!! PC's want to DESTROY! an Endron Corporative building........Also, they destroyed a full pentex controlled jail..

    What have your Pc's done on your games?..

    ALSO, bear in mind. i was running a campaing of Victoriana once, and one of my PC's got bored and started WW1 so....

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    Originally posted by Crowley View Post PC's want to DESTROY! an Endron Corporative building........Also, they destroyed a full pentex controlled jail..
    Hardly wise, but technically well within the realm of possibility.

    What have your Pc's done on your games?..
    Not in any WoD game, but I was part of a group that made it into a Shadowrun CLUE file by trying to set up a blockade with invisible trees. It wasn't exactly what you would call super-effective.

    ALSO, bear in mind. i was running a campaing of Victoriana once, and one of my PC's got bored and started WW1 so....
    Abridged Alucard?


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      We had a rank 1 Fianna Ahroun directly challenge Nerigal in his own realm after feeling fed up with suffering our way through his dessert for days. Kinda like "Come on and test us already, will ya?!!!!". Didn't end very well for the pack when Nerigal decided "This isn't test enough for you? Well then try this instead..."

      One time we kinda managed to fuck up spacetime when leaving an umbra realm where time was slowed down and not everyone decided on the same time to exit. It caused quite a long discussion on what would happen now and after doing our best to resolve the headache we now have a copy of our Sentai minus the Same Bito Fist running around in the Umbra.

      Our storyteller is a fan of rolling dice on tables to determine outcomes and then improvising on the results. He also does this when we are searching a totem (for the Hegeyokai Sentai this happend several times as members of the Sentai died/left and new ones joined). Last time we rolled up something really weird and had the option to get one of the Nameless as our totem.... A choice so powerful and final it was actually quite scary.

      The Same Bito was the first of his kind to carelessly sire Metis offspring, only realising what he'd done afterwards (this actually is a major plot point, the Metis are still unborn as of now).

      He also one time managed to summon the ... what's it called.... Elemental Dragon of Water? to our court for some random question he was meditating over (bad choice plus too many successes) which the dragon didn't take too well and fouled all of the court's water supplies.


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        Founded a United Heretical Court of heavily altered Face of the Gods and Spirit of the Living Earth Dharmas.


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          These were the last two game sessions, the latest of which was two nights ago.

          We're playing a mortal hunter game, set in Vegas in '76. I'm playing an aging, well-connected, mobster with a monster assload of backgrounds. As in, Arsenal 5; Contacts, Resources, and Military Force 4; and then some. He's also a pyromaniac, violent sociopath who has something of an ethical code (Humanity 4), and just generally no longer gives a fuck. The ST okay'ed everything, I had a hell of a background story, and we've established the character is already running on borrowed time, being "talent scouted" by a Ventrue...if rival mobsters or the feds don't get him first.

          The other PC's are a bar owner with True Faith who's a part of my character's racket, a 'Nam vet, a farmgirl gone to the big city, my character's attorney, a corrupt cop on my character's payroll, and the latest addition, a stunt driver. My PC was more or less, at the start, the lynchpin of getting the group together.

          Two game sessions ago we caught wind of a vampire in Vegas, who'd gotten a bit sloppy with feeds (she tried to feed on the 'Nam vet PC, and fucked it up). The only PC who has an Occult rating to speak of is the bar owner with True Faith, so we identified it as a vampire, so we got the idea to set a honey trap for her: we set up a ladies' night in the other PC's bar, complete with male strippers and everything. My character sniffed the potential for profit in the winds, went that extra mile, and set up a swingers' party in the upstairs apartment of the bar, which was the PC's apartment, while the farmgirl PC decided to go that extra mile in her own way, and invited all the old ladies from her church groups.

          What happened next, was basically if It's Always Sunday in Philadelphia aired on HBO. To say it escalated quickly is a massive understatement. Drunken orgy upstairs, sloppy drunk old ladies flashing people and table dancing, getting handsy with the male strippers, and getting in old lady catfights downstairs.

          ...and that's when the Toreador showed up, with a handful of my character's own military force in tow. She managed to Entrance my character, but before anything else could happen the 'Nam vet shot her in the face with a flare gun. She took a shitload of aggravated, Rotshrecked, and ran out of the bar continuing to burn, where she got hit in the middle of the road by a cop who was just then responding to the wild-ass, loud, raucous sex party going on in the bar. We managed to bribe the cop into staying quiet about it, reporting it as a pyrotechnic display mistake, and the lawyer PC managed to use his media influence to keep it from being too noisy in the press.

          Next game session, we found out the cop had been suspended without cause, and the police union was dragging their feet defending him (OOC: Cam's getting involved after we whacked a vamp). Turns out, he had a tip on a vampire for us to kill.

          In the meantime, the last PC got introduced by being a client of the attorney PC. The attorney tipped off my character about a stunt driver being potentially on the payroll, so my character being my character did the most logical thing to come to mind: use a couple criminal contacts who were in the chop shop and custom vehicle business, to make a very special purchase. Make a long story short, turns out vampires don't expect their Victorian estate havens to be demolished in broad daylight by a monster truck with a pair of ma deuces mounted in the truck bed, blasting KC and the Sunshine Band over loudspeakers and the other passengers throwing jerry cans full of napalm into the mess.

          ...unfortunately the vampire wasn't there at the time, because it already knew something was up and went to ground. So, we had to continue our monster truck rampage hunting down pawns for information until we finally struck gold. Turns out it was (OOC) a Tzimisce, and judging from its demonstrated powers at least an ancilla if not an elder, and by the time we hunted it down, it was PISSED. Those ma deuces came in pretty handy.
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            My games tend to go over the top, though my Fera games tend to crank everything up to '11'. I think that the most damage that my players have ever done is sink a retired Russian aircraft carrier (the Novorossiysk) that had been purchased by Pentex for anti-piracy activities and was crewed by Fomori. That was after the same group managed to steal a Typhoon-Class submarine (the TK-12) in order to start harassing Pentex shipping (they used a crew of Kinfolk to man the submarine). Getting ammunition for the Typhoon-Class submarine was difficult, even without the nuclear missiles, though the players proved to be quite adept at stealing US Navy munitions and modifying them for use in their submarine. And that is the type of cWoD game that tends to get played when you have a bunch a Navy sailors play the game.


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              Clan Giovanni.