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Which Webcomics Would Work Best in cWoD?

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  • Which Webcomics Would Work Best in cWoD?

    I am curious which webcomics would work best in cWoD? I would suggest El Goonish Shive or Sluggy Freelance for over-the-top versions (though El Goonish Shive vampires are quite different than cWoD vampires and Sluggy Freelance has some very powerful types of vampires). What webcomics would you suggest?

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    Well if you want a western flavor I would suggest Guns of Shadow Valley.

    Lovecraft is missing was pretty good too, sadly the author died before he could finish it.


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      Yes, I liked Lovecraft is Missing.


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        Girl Genius is a wellspring of inspiration for Society of Ether Mages (or, for that matter, for the Order of Reason). It's over-the-top as all hell, but even milder implementation of its technologies could provide plenty of ideas. Moreover, it's a heavily cerebral comic. Byzantine politics abound, mixing with the natural disparity between normal folk and those with Inspired Genius.

        Speaking of the politics, even a Vampire game could benefit from observing the interplay of dozens of factions, their master plans crashing into one another and forcing rapid adaptation. The overarching conflict between Baron Von Wulfenbach is a good mirror for the standard animosity between an overbearing Prince and a city's resident Kindred.