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  • Advice on how to make this storyline work

    I came up with storyline where a Werewolf raid on a Pentex owned mental home inadvertently caused the escape of 5 of the most dangerous patients. I am wondering if I should have one splat dealing with all five of the inmates or should I split them among all 5 of the supernatural factions? Also, the inmates will be detailed later.

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    Five escaped mortal lunatics are hardly a day's work for one Garou, much less a pack of Garou, so you might want to beef up the threat level. Now, what might be interesting is if the lunatics were five captured Garou who had been driven insane by Pentex 'treatments' to convert Garou into loyal soldiers without involving the Black Spiral Dancers. The Garou are forced to deal with the lunatic Garou and have to balance the desire to capture them alive to help them with the real potential of having to kill them to prevent them from tearing the Veil into tiny pieces. You can adjust the type of lunatic according to the splat, but Fera lunatics are probably the most dangerous and the most frightening lunatics to face (though they do not necessarily have to be Garou).

    If you do end up using Garou lunatics, I would suggest making them as normal characters according to the rules of W20 but give them five permanent Derangements and fifteen extra freebie points to make them a credible threat. A list of derangements are available at With five permanent Derangements and fifteen extra freebie points, five lunatic Garou could be extraordinarily dangerous because they would be too insane to understand what they were doing.


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      I wonder if the five escaped lunatics could work better in Vampire than in Werewolf? Also, I was thinking of placing one of the lunatics in each game. For example, vampires get a serial killer who is a ghoul gathering body parts for his Deceseased Sabbat Master while Mages get a crazed University professor turned sorcerer servant of the Nephandi.


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        Have you thought of Fomori?


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          I certainly wouldn't have each antagonist be from a different game line. That just seems overly complicated for no reason.

          If this is for a Werewolf game, I would keep the enemies within the boundaries of the Werewolf game line.
          Various types of Fomori with points spent carefully can be quite powerful (especially at the lower Autonomy levels). Maybe have a few corrupt Fera if that's more the path you want to go.