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Character Creation and Xp do you mess with it and how?

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  • Character Creation and Xp do you mess with it and how?

    Generally the people I play with use freebie costs rather than xp because we don't find any particular advantage to two separate systems its the only real change we have unless we are going for a more experienced game play(Elders, etc) so I was curious what sort of variants out there people use. I know I've heard of single pool attributes and abilities, Pure xp buys etc. So what sort of variants do you use and why?

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    We forego freebies for xp (45 xp instead of 15 freebies)
    The goal is to make (over)specializing less interesting.
    Plus Willpower is not any longer automatically between 8 and 10.
    We also enforce a cap on WP at chargen at 8 points.

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      15 freebie points with 50 experience points to represent a decade of experience is standard in my games nowadays.


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        It's not what you were asking about but I don't want to start a new topic so I post it here. I generally don't allow my players to play experienced characters (after one of them wanted to play 800 years old 4th Generation Malkavian in my Werewolf campaign, the rest of the player's characters were Cliaths) but I was trying to create an original version of character creation. So first of all my players don't use character sheet. Instead they get a list of traits (mostly physical) that their characters can inherit from their parents and grandparents. Some of those traits comes from their ancestors and mark them as "genetically supernaturals" (that means they could be p. ex. shapeshifters). If they take enough of those traits they will become the creature which traits they have. Of course they could choose not to inherit specific traits and choose others that their parents don't have. If most of the traits are from "ordinary" mortals they will play mortals unless they get a chance to become something more (Embraced, forcibly Awaken or something like that). There's also a chance to become Wraiths, determined randomly and by their style of play. It could of course put me in a situation that one character is a bastet, three others are mortals and one wraith, but that could be interesting. As for freebies and XP they fill the charts with their characters school grades, police and medical databases and psychological evaluation. Using those I fill the character sheets so they don't know for sure what their characters really capable of. As for XP they declare what their characters do in their free time (or if they used some traits frequently during play) I modify their character's stats accordingly. Only one thing they know: living characters (shapeshifters, Mages, mortals etc) can modify their stats as they want, dead ones (vampires, mummies, demons) cannot upgrade their attributes (it's hard to change the dead body) unless they use some magical methods (Vicissitude, help from mages or something like that). The only exeption are Wraiths, they can modify their Corpus (physical stats, appearance and perception) freely.
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