Remember those Strength tables you find in the corebooks under the 'Physical Feats' sections, that show what level in the Strength attribute let you lift what kind of weight?
Out of simple curiosity I decided to plot those on a graph. Mostly because, at least in my mind, it's always been hard to get a good grip on the relation between the different levels of Strength.

And this is the (rather interesting) result. Rightclick -> view image for a better scale.


Sorry guys. Metric Kilograms only. For reference, one kg roughly equals 2.2 lbs

What's noticable is, is the fact that it's not any kind of curve that is purely computational; Nothing purely linear, nor logarithmic or exponential. It's rather arbitrary, with some interesting facts:

* The Strength increases between the individual levels of human strength vary roughly between 56% and whopping 225% increases in strength - with the biggest one being right at the start, between Strength 1 and 2.
* The increase between Strength 4 and 5 exactly equals the whole of Strength 3. Something to keep in mind.
* After Strength 5, the increase between levels becomes lower again in a relative sense - every Strength increase up to and including Strength 8 roughly equals the total of Strength 2 - with some slight variation. After that, things pick up again...
* ...and go crazy. The steps between 8 and 9, and 9 and 10 are about the scale of Strength 3 (A little higher, really).
* Then though, we suddenly proceed in a linear fashion, with every single Strength increase of level after 10 equaling the total Strength of 8(!). Or to put it different: Every single Strength increase after 11 roughly equals +150% of the strongest a human can get.

It all doesn't feel that way when you usually handle the Strength attribute, eh?
Well, that's because the main thing the Strength attribute gets used for in WoD, or at least the thing most memorizable by players, is combat - where things scale very linear fashion all of a sudden, with each level of Strength giving us an additional die in melee/brawl.

It's worth keeping above curve in mind when it comes to actual strength and making a character - of note being especially the sudden dip in relative increases between 5 and 8, and the insanity that follows 11.

Hope you found this post interesting!