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    I like the idea that God Died when he last touched Creation and its many layers collapsed, and God fractured into the Triat.

    And possibly the God of the Fallen is just an Aspect of the Absolute God which is just the Universe itself and the Mirror of the Ialdabaoth Antigod. So the Fallen's God Jehovah has peers.


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      God is in a coma in a New Jersey hospital hooked up to life support machines after an unfortunate skeeball incident.


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        Originally posted by Matt the Bruins fan View Post
        God is in a coma in a New Jersey hospital hooked up to life support machines after an unfortunate skeeball incident.
        Still?! Man God and Odin have bad luck slumming as Hobos.


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          god in my games runs a diner in the center of town, he goes by f***ing Tony, it is the only fully respected neutral ground in the world. God simply set the universe in motion, he is just as much in the dark on how it will end as everyone else and is just enjoying the show along with using this establishment to gently nudge things in a more interesting direction


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            ok i have an interesting insight, i blame reading too much mysticism as of late.

            So i remember that one of the DtF novels (Ashes and Angel's Dust) mentions how the idea of "Avatars" are fragments of angels embodying humans. So what if demon's got it wrong.

            Humans walked out of paradise denying their need to "obey" and acquiring free will, from that moment on wards god started to die. Being replaced by the Triat as he was put in life support, and the old testament was him/her demanding for obedience but slowly fading away. The current "Conception" we got of God is an existence on life support based on what humanity as a collective conscience assumes

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              I think the implications (such as there were) in Demon was that God (and many angels) ended up being fragmented by the Fall (for whatever motives, tho I think Days of Fire and/or Gehenna imply some benevolent and sarcrificial motive to the - female - God. One that humans also had to make.) This would seem to overlap more with the Mage ideas of Pure Ones and the One (esp as I recall the psychopomps/Anakim were also considered a *kind* of Angel, but not Elohim per se) and seems to make sense given the similarity of Lores to True Magick (more implied parallels between the two.)

              There's still a ton of YMMV but I've felt as if God had some analogous role to the Purpose in the Belgariad/Mallorean books and had some sort of master 'plan' that was meant to put the Wheel of Ages back on course, even if it meant an end to the World of Darkness as it was known. Most Elohim either died out or 'changed' (became something like Psychopomps, evolved into Mage-style Avatars or Avatar shards (although TBH I'm not sure if the Scarlet Queen and Ebon Dragon might not have also 'evolved'.)

              The Yahweh/God-entity that we know of in other cases (Eg the interactions of Lilith) may be another, larger fragment and perhaps the remains of whatever is left of the original entity (and may also be the source of the more negative perceptions of said 'God' but I think at this point you're getting kinda dualistic.)