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Details of the Music Industry in WoD?

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  • Details of the Music Industry in WoD?

    Do any of the books detail much about the music industry in the World of Darkness? There's a fair bit about Pentex in the Book of the Wyrm but it doesn't mention a music branch. I'd just like some names to throw around as a minimum rather than using 'real world' companies or making something up and then finding out I've gone completely contra-canon. Would prefer more recent books such as the 20th anniversary editions but any of the various Vampire/Werewolf/Mage/Changeling sources is fine.

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    The thing about Pentex is that you, at home, can totally use real companies instead of "canonical" subsidiaries. Most of the subsidiaries have wink wink nudge nudge names anyway, so if you want to just drop them and use, say, McDonalds and FOX News instead of O'Tolley's and the RED Network, that's definitely a thing that you can do.

    But to answer your question, no, it doesn't tend to be a thing that comes up very often in the books, oddly enough. Given how the industry can string people along and use them up arguably even more than the film industry, it seems odd, but I don't recall that W:tA ever detailed many film studios, either. They might have been a bit too high profile a target even for a wink wink nudge nudge name, especially when WW was trying to get Kindred: the Embraced going. Well, there was a Wendigo actor sig character in one of the tribebooks who hunted the enemy amid the film industry, and Spooky Tooth in the original Glass Walkers tribebook was, for whatever reason, described as a pack of Garou (not many of the names or the active band times seem to match up, though).


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      In you can't find a better solution for that, you could use music companies from the real world which their music fits well into WoD, at least in VTM the music in WoD is described like this:

      Originally posted by Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised Edition)
      Music is louder, faster, more violent or hypnotically
      monotonous, and supported by masses who find salvation in its


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        I remember a WtA comic book that dealt with music in the WoD. I think it was about a Fianna rock band.

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          If I recall correctly, there was also a short story regarding a Glasswalker involved in the music industry in one of the Werewolf LARP books. Something about him running a goth music label in an effort to draw in Kindred.


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            There's music in many a Mage book, but not much about the music industry. The Syndicate book would talk the most about how corporate music works in the World of Darkness. Pages 51 to 53 of the Revised Syndicate Convention book discuss the Media Control Methodology and there is a Crowdfunded Diva character on pages 84 and 85. It's pretty thin, but the Syndicate is about making money and exerting control over people.

            Page 348 of Mage 20 suggests music for various character types and for traditions such as the Celestial Chorus and Cult of Ecstasy, you'll find a brief mention of music in their descriptions in Mage 20.


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              My own take has always been that, in the World of Darkness, there's a very sharp divide between the Pop Culture that's mass produced by large record labels, big studios, and corporations (including groups run by PENTEX, the Syndicate, Autumn People, and what have you) and the Counter Culture produced by underground and garage based artists, producers and small club owners (which includes Mages1, Changelings, assorted were-beasts2 and others of that stripe). Not just in terms of music, but films, comic books, journalism, plays and other aspects of media culture.

              1Virtual Adepts are good for this, as are Ecstatic Joybringers, Dreamspeaker Baruti, Hollowers, Chorus gospel singers,Verbena folk artists, Thanatoic blues artists and even Hermetics of House Jerbiton, among others.

              2Black Furies (feminist alterna-rock was more of a thing back in the 90s but is still around), Fianna, and Glasswalkers are probably the more common, archetypically.

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