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Romance and the World of Darkness: Lets beat Twilight

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  • Romance and the World of Darkness: Lets beat Twilight

    So. i was talking with my gf (she plays a Gangrel) about my character (my demon) and somehow she ended up involved in a conspiracy while trying to save him and live happy ever after..

    so i wonder, how do you tackle romance (and yes i know about the wraith book) and whats the weirdest romance you ever encounter on your games?

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    If you google "still a better love story than twilight," there's some funny stuff in there, but you might not want to do it at work.


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      My friends and I are STing together, and one of my fellow ST and I have be slowly roleplaying fanfics of our own campaign, with loads of uncanon, shameful stuff that will NEVER make it to our main campaign.

      Some of which include :
      • Saulot actually showing up at a former-PC-turned-NPC's doorstep after he escapes from Vienna in Tremere's body. Not a romance, more like a room-mate-mance, but he steals her grumpy-cat pyjamas and used all of her credits card to buy giant screens from teleshoping so I guess that counts.
      • Tremere and Gabriel in a angsty emo teen's body, with the soul of the angsty teen still there. More like very bad romance that should never have happened.
      • A romance between a high ranking Tremere I shall not name and a powerful Salubri. Started as bad as Twilight, continued worst than Fifty Shades of Grey.
      • "No, my sweet Toreador, I cannot be with you! My regent will not allow it! Why was I Embraced into a clan that does not value Art???" Yes I have a stuff for Tremeres and shitty love stories.
      • "Of course I am alright with diablerizing you so we can get married in my head forever !!! Nothing can go wrong with this plan !!!"
      • "She was so good at torturing me, I immediatly fell in love with her." Toreador antitribu problems.

      ... you asked. Also those aren't as bad as they seem, it's just funny to make it sound like they are ^_^


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        ^ they're still better love stories than Twilight!


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          So... this was a very long and painful run, but it kinda went like this:
          My old Ventrue Lictor was staking out a group of Giovanni when it turned out that they wanted to make new ghosts out of two mages. One of them was a kinda a parody of a goth-girl stereotype. After a hilariously dumb confrontation which included me blackmailing them with a promise to tell what dumb mages they chose, we saved them. And then "Black Rose" (real name was never told) was after my poor Lictor Yandere-style. At first the character entertained her and just laughed at it. Then I had a bit of a spat with a mage, played by one of the other players, and she used some mind spell on my character to make him believe he was in love with Rose. After I roleplayed my serious, calm and collected Lictor being head-over-heels with the WoD equivalent of Lucy Loud, my character snapped out of it (To quote the ST and me: "You're back to normal.", "I roll frenzy!", "No, I don't think that necc-", "I ROLL FRENZYYYYYY!"), I decided to make the best of it and just offer tho ghoul her.
          Issue was: My character was actually a really nice person who took the whole "Ventrue exist to guide and protect those under their care" way too seriously, so from that day on, he was designated as "Black Rose's Vampire" in the entire mage community and the shame stuck until the end... the game ended with him leaving town and taking her with him... so I guess... they are still a thing