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Calling for Content: Bring me your old offcuts!

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  • Calling for Content: Bring me your old offcuts!

    As some of you may be aware, for some time I've been labouring on a project to establish conclusively the demographics of the WoD. A side project of this has been creating a timeline, which currently sits at some 204 pages with over 3200 footnoted and cited entries for all the game lines. What I'm asking for today is for anyone who has relevant 'apocrypha' - e.g. the cut Delirium over Time content from Shattered Dreams that Nik May was gracious enough to provide me with, or a clarification re: Void Engineer population I got from one of the writers over at the SomethingAwful forums - to post it or PM it to me, so that it can be noted in an appendix. Information relating to demographics is fine and dandy too, of course!

    More specifically, I'm looking for the following:
    - Game writer and developer clarifications and posts from interviews, the old forums, etc.;
    - Cut content that never made it to the Wiki;
    - Rough drafts and background information on published material that may shed light on it;
    - Online-only material that didn't make it to the Wiki;
    - Clarification on material you wrote if you think how it was published was unclear, misleading, or unreliable.

    I am not interested in content with no official relationship to published WoD material. This means I do not want to hear about your campaigns, homebrew alternatives or wild theories about the relationship between Mithras, Alexander the Great, and Exalted PCs. As fascinating as they may be, this is not the thread for them. This also means I don't want to see rejected material from submissions by people unless they were Big Deals (and by big deals, I mean names like 'Dansky' and 'Brucato') for the same reason, nor content from the Storyteller's Vault or fanbooks. The exception to campaigns is only where they had a measurable, real, and substantial impact on the development of and metaplot of the setting. If you believe there's a link between seemingly unrelated events, you can post that too.

    I'm also looking for volunteers for the following:
    - Rounding up all references to the Book of Nod and the Liturgy and related documents (e.g. Revelations of the Dark Mother) in the setting for a 'book of laws' side project - both express quotes, apocrypha, and clan/tribal interpretations
    - Playing through, detailing all events and NPC/monster counts, the Hunter PS2 and XBox games (PM me if you're interested and I'll let you know what information I need and a suggested methodology adopted from a Redemption and Bloodlines playthrough)

    The end result will be released for free, though for obvious reasons some information may not be made available in it if it would infringe on copyright.

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    Still looking, folks.


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      You are asking for material written for official WoD books, but never published? That still be legal property of whom ever own the license, be it Modiphius or Onyx Path, or whomever. It would not be for anyone to just give to you.


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        If the writer feels there's a license issue based on the terms of their contract, they don't have to post it.