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Demons in a Vampire game

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    Originally posted by Illithid View Post

    I've already party reworked a simplified way to deal with Mages and Werewolves so that they're thematically the same as their official splats but mechanically simpler,
    Could you share ?


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      I don't have it here, because I'm usually on the forums at work, and those notes are at home, but generally speaking (And these started out for a MET game, not Tabletop)

      *All characters are able to be created and run from the core Vampire books*
      Some decisions were made to mess with Vampire Players that had expectations of what Garou could do. These are designed as "Lupines"

      - Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks etc get Thaumaturgy/necromancy Paths to represent their power, buy them in the normal progression. Same with any power that you want to represent. They get any ritual that exists that makes sense. They could also have merits to represent permanent sorcery enhancement.
      - True Magical masters will be represented by their ability to bend the rules as they see fit within the scope of their concept

      Lupines -
      Rank gives you "Blood per turn" and "Blood capacity" That represents both Rage and Gnosis, split in to 2 pools. Starting with 5 in each at rank one, then advancements can be split either way at your choice. Disciplines are split between using one or the other depending on physical or mental/social (in general) You can spend one of each in a turn.
      Every Lupine starts with Protean 4 to shift to wolf and 3 ranks in Potence and Celerity. (In Met, that's the point in celerity you get an additional action and potence +1 damage)

      Physicals are in "Clan" plus one discipline per auspice
      Everyone can get Thaumaturgy (Spirit Thaum) but it's emphasized for Theurges
      What I can remember, not sure it's right.

      Ragabash - Obfuscate
      Theurge - Obeah (without the Eye)
      Philidox - Auspex
      Galliard - Presence
      Ahroun - Dominate + could buy the merit that gives them Chrinos Form

      Then "Tribes" had an additional one, often a Thaum Path that was related to their ideas.


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        thank you very much


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          anything we can do ya for?

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            Thats all great for what I need it for. Now I "juts" need the rest of my plans to stop crumbling around me.