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When a Player Character Udja-Sen met an NPC Sefekhi

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  • When a Player Character Udja-Sen met an NPC Sefekhi

    People who are familiar enough with the inner workings of Mummy: the Resurrection will know that the Udja-Sen (Judged Ones) are basically the "caitiff" of the Mummy world, and that two of the Dynasties, the Mesektet and the Sefekhi (who also can't stand one another) tend to really detest them. The Sefekhi, in particular, tend to be big on tormenting them and only gain respect for them on an individual basis, if they either suck it up and persevere or snap and beat the ever living shit out of their tormenter.

    Sufficed to say, encountering a Sefekhi isn't a happy time for the Udja-sen. This one in My game encountered one who didn't even realise that she was one of the Amenti, at least at that initial meeting. Said Udja-Sen was previously a corrupt cop, before her Second Life ended and she became an Udja-Sen instead of one of the Mesektet. Well, the Sefekhi, having spotted her and not having realised that the reason that she "went to ground" was that she had died and gone on her Hajj to become one of the Undying. I'm not bothering to repost the entire scene leading up to the funny post, nor the dice rolls involved. What follows is simply a bit of silliness that played out well and was the Udja-Sen's first meeting with an NPC Unbandaged One:

    :::Going to university wasn't a bad idea at all. Nor was it difficult to find the way there. Unfortunately for Elisabeth, either because this move was anticipated, or perhaps because she'd been followed beforehand, making her close proximity to the university somewhat ironic, Elisabeth is caught completely by surprise. Strangely, that her attacker seems to prefer to play with her prey before ending them might possibly be a good thing, if only because it's the only reason that Elisabeth isn't dead. At one moment, she's walking along and minding what is very much her business. She then feels a hand clamp over her mouth. The motions that follow are fast. They're not superhumanly quick, but in being caught off guard so well, next instant sees Elisabeth, still reeling and confused, flying backwards in the alley. Although she isn't injured in any significant way, she does hit a pile of boxes back-first. She looks up to see a woman stalking toward her, who is probably all of 5ft tall, maybe a hair taller. She looks every bit the stereotype of the hot librarian, but there's that malice that radiates off of her like she's Darth Fucking Vader. Then there are the scars around her eyesockets, only partly obscured by her makeup. There's also the big scar around her neck, obscured only a little bit by the collar of her shirt. "DETECTIVE ELISABETH MARTIN!" sneers the woman as she draws a pistol with a suppressor. A sinister grin spreads across her face, "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY!":::