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Wu T'ian Relations in Asia

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  • Wu T'ian Relations in Asia

    In going over My Mummy books, I was intrigued to find out that the Wu T'ian (Xian Lung and the Wu Feng) are Heaven's replacements for the Wan Xian. I really don't need to ask how they would fit into the view of SF0. That's obvious It's supernatural. Kill it with fire, again and again. Moreover, I'm interested in knowing how various Dharma of the Keui-jin would feel about a group of immortals that are Heaven's replacements for the Wan Xian, be it if they Wu T'ian were simply open about this, or if they either found out or suspected it based on the activities of the Wu T'ian and their nature as it becomes evident to them. I am similarly interested in how the Hengeyokai might feel since they apparently get representatives from the Wu T'ian, and it was the fallen Wan Xian that tricked them into the War of Shame and became Keui-jin. Then there's the matter of the Hsien; would the Wu T'ian even be a blip of interest at all? If they aren't simply beneath their notice (as I suspect), would there be some sort of jealousy over their closeness to Heaven? I also needn't ask with regard to Asian Imbued hunters, as with the Imbued it is always varied, depending on the Hunter and the supernatural entity (in this case Wu T'ian). I really don't know if this will come up in game, but I've been curious.

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    It occur to me that the Wan Kuei would hate the Wu Tian with the fire of 10 suns. Bad enough to be replaced as champions of Heaven, but replaced by THESE GUYS! I would see the Wan Kuei as seriously considering beating the Wu Tian down to teach them to respect their elders.


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      Hachiman, that's interesting. I've thought much the same, but given the diversity of beliefs among the various Dharma, would that be a universal outlook among all Keui-jin, or would that vary based upon the Dharma followed by different vampires?


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        Hmm, i would say it could very well vary by Dharma.

        Just to take the big 5 in account.

        Cranes would go Ballistic or fall into a Deep Depression depending on the Crane. But as a group, they would probably deny the 8 Immortals right to replace them.

        Tigers respond to this situation the same way they do everything else: MOAR DAKKA!

        Thrashing Dragons would be intoxicated by the Chi the Mummies provide and try very hard to get every Mummy into Bed and eat them.

        Song of Shadows would be distant and cold, and try very hard to study the Mummies and try to get all the info o them and the process they can.

        Centipedes would care the least i think. This would just be a distraction on their path. They're already damned, they'll get to Heaven their way.

        This is all IMO.

        Since the Tigers and the Cranes are the most numerous and the most politically powerful, i see them taking the whole business very badly. They were promised a chance at redemption and now it appears they have failed at even that. And like most humans, they will blame their replacements for their own failure.