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    So as it happens, Strahd von Zarovich has a twitter account (@StrahdVonZ ) and he's a wanker who is obsessed with his pipe organ, and his many capes, and numerous bathtubes.
    I mention this because apparently there are twitter accounts for Sasha Vykos (@vykos_sasha), Lucita de Aragorn (@LucitaAragorn), among others. But sadly those accounts were rarely used and have not been used in 2 years. As compared to @StrahdVonZ who won't shut up about that time I left a bunch of Arby's sandwich and skittle wrappers in his carrage.
    @StrahdVonZ is a parody account - a fan is using it to pose as the Count and do some low key, and in character, silly trolling.
    It's a pity that @vykos_sasha and @LucitaAragorn are not doing something similar, given the surge of interest in VtM with 5th edition.

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    I have never had a Twitter account and typically avoid Twitter like the plague, but I might consider making a Twitter account for my Play By Post chronicle "Dante Mountain Darkness" to promote that game and maybe even have a few parody alternate accounts for some of the characters in-game or maybe even do a fake Twitter for some of the NPC's from the original Chicago By Night such as Lodin or Anita Wainwright.


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      I was tempted to set up parody account for Beckett. It be all tales of him trying to track down some bit of Kindred lore or artifact, but he keeps ending up in places like Camp Crystal Lake, or ruined cities near the South Pole, and so forth.