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Demon: the Fallen ST Vault Style Guide now out

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  • Demon: the Fallen ST Vault Style Guide now out

    So yeah this thing is out now.

    And, just like in the Hunter Style Guide, it does provide guidelines to write for Demon20 supplements. Which really the most it has is..."yeah, Apocalyspe didn't happen, God and His angels didn't appear, and now the Fallen have to figure out what to do now."

    Also once again, just a reminder that despite having a section on writing Demon20 supplements, don't take it as a confirmation or denial that a Demon20 corebook is officially happening.
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    im Currently working on a module, hoping to change a bit the groundworks of DtF with this. im eager to share it with y'all. im not adding nor chaging the core systems too much but im adding some extra tidbits of lore. Been working on this idea for years now and now i can finally solidify it

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