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Essential Salts (V5 Ritual format)

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  • Essential Salts (V5 Ritual format)


    Level 5

    Essential Salts

    This ritual permits the recreation of a caster from their ashes (i.e. “saltes”) following a cremation. The primary caster must perform half the ritual before death and rely on another (supporting) caster to complete the second half.

    Ingredients: The remains of the caster set for recreation.

    Process: There is no time limit on this ritual. The primary caster must designate themselves in part of this ritual prior to their death – this involves arrangements with dire alien powers. Someone else (i.e. a supporting caster) must complete the ritual with the caster’s remains later. Proceeding with the rituals requires reducing the remains of the primary caster to dust; cremation is the most common method, before proceeding with the second half of the ritual. The supporting caster deposits these remains in a prepared circle. The supporting caster then calls upon dire alien powers and they respond. The support caster then calls upon another entity – Yog-Sothoth – with an incantation to permit the completion of the ritual and the return of primary caster. Each half of the ritual requires a ritual roll.

    The amount of “essential saltes” employed in the ritual determines the number of successes required to complete the second half;
    • 4 or more if employing most of the ashes (about 2.25 kg, or 5 pounds),
    • 8 for a handful (about 60 grams, or 2 ounces),
    • 16+ for only a pinch (2 mL, or a ½ teaspoon).
    System: Half the successes are required to restore the body of the primary caster and half to restore the mind of the primary caster. A failure to achieve the first half of the required number of successes means the primary caster appears deformed, rotten, simply missing portions of their body, or something similar. A failure to achieve the second half of the required success means the primary caster is insane, mentally child-like, or missing portions of their memories and personality. Attempting to recreate the primary caster in a host reduces the difficulty.

    However, the successful conclusion of the ritual sees the primary caster fully recreated. They appear in their physical condition at the time they performed the first half of the ritual, and the mental condition at the time of death.

    This ritual does not prevent the aging process for mortal. The ritual does not see widespread use because of its alien-infernal nature, and because it means a caster must depend on others for their recreation. Most of the primary caster’s followers are happy they remain dead.