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Clan Spheres and Kith Gifts - Hacking Powers to Represent Supernatural Groups

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  • Clan Spheres and Kith Gifts - Hacking Powers to Represent Supernatural Groups

    So this is probably a gonzo idea, but I saw a thread that I can't find that asked something like "what if all supernaturals just used Disciplines?" This was a reference to how in many Vampire Core books, the other supernaturals get described in Vampire terms rather than their own. Other game lines do similar things. They paint broad strokes (usually describing a bit of common antagonists and then giving a few powers that fit their nature), but it is an interesting question to look at.

    However, I had an odd idea. What if we took power sets from one supernatural type and tried to use them with another? The idea would be to try and keep to the same flavor as closely as possible, but look at what kinds of powers might be represented. So, you might come up with Gift Lists for each Mage Tradition, or assign Arcanoi to different Werewolf tribes.

    The first idea I had was to do Vampire clans with Mage spheres in lieu of disciplines - as if the clans were the Traditions (or something similar) (Assume that they don't need to add spheres to utilize their powers against other vampires or to change their own forms). The goal would be to keep each clan as close to their current nature as possible, but choose the spheres that would represent them best. I focused on the seven original Camarilla Pillars and the two Sabbat pillars, and got this list:
    -Brujah: The Brujah, hilariously enough, are well suited to be the Seat of Time in such a world. Even Ignoring Temporis, Celerity-like effects most often fall under Time in Mage terms. It also fits their scholarly history - Time lets you view the past and learn from it (more an Auspex thing, but thematically it feels like it fits). And, with Time you could briefly adjust the time you were punching to hit just a bit faster, representing Potence.
    -Gangrel: Though many Gangrel do develop Life magic to better deal with or become animals, their true strength in is Matter. Protean is a Discipline of the Earth, after all.
    -Malkavian: Though many seers to develop Time magic, and many psychics among the clan develop Mind as well, the Lunatics truly specialize in Entropy. Dementation breaks down the mind; Entropy breaks down everything. With their strange visions, they can be guided to things as if impossibly lucky. The Knights of the Moon, however, never learn Entropy, developing Mind instead.
    -Nosferatu: The Nosferatu specialize in Forces - the power to bend illusions around themselves or make it so that light doesn't touch them at all so that they can walk invisibly. They often use Life as a secondary Discipline
    -Toreador: The Toreador are masters of Correspondence. Their "celerity" can appear more like them teleporting around rather than just running from place to place; they see things afar; and, they can call those entranced by them from afar.
    -Ventrue: The domination and presence of the Ventrue is fitting for the masters of Mind.
    -Lasombra: an Exiled clan from the Council of Nine, the Lasombra are masters of the sphere of Spirit. They also almost universally learn Entropy as well, touched as they are by the Abyss.
    -Tzimisce: Clan Tzimisce master Life magic. The strange creations of the Szlatcha, Vozd, and Blood Brothers speak to that. They often develop Spirit as a secondary sphere, to wield the power granted to them by the land.

    Anyone ever do anything similar?