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Exercises. Difference in training Stamina from Strength.

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  • Exercises. Difference in training Stamina from Strength.

    whats the difference in kind of exercises someones likely to do to increase Stamina and strenghth

    then again Ideas on how to go about increasing Raw intelligence?

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    Strength: Do you even lift?

    Stamina: Cardio
    Just some quick examples.

    Intelligence: Well, you can train your knowledges to justify an increase, but I can't think of a raw way right now.


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      only recently started doing some push ups.


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        It's also a question of intensity and duration with regards to weights and other "strength training." Stamina tends to be longer term - doing an exercise for longer or more reps. Cardio almost always is about stamina regardless of if you are doing long distance or increased speed, but strength exercises can boost stamina if sustained long enough. Strength is more about how much at once. A stronger character can move something with more force, but a more resilient one moves it longer. Cardio can also help strength in a roundabout way, however, by burning fat - less fat means less of you that your muscles have to move. High intensity workouts can burn those extra calories (that bit about burning more fat in a target heart rate is misleading btw - more of the calories as a percentage come from fat at that level, but more intense workouts burn more calories - and more fat - overall).

        Push-ups can work both, as a result. They build stronger muscles, but also promote endurance over time.


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          To follow up on EndlessKng's post, think of it this way:

          Lifting high amounts of weight a few times increases muscle mass (strength).
          Lifting any amount of weight many times increases stamina and gets you that lovely muscle definition.


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            As far as increasing Intelligence, simply reading allot can help, but learning new things is always best. As a general rule, I allow players to increase their intelligence after increasing a number of mental abilities equal to the new dot rating. For example, after raising Lore to 4, Occult to 4, Science to 4, and Medicine to 4 (4 mental abilities) the player can then raise Intelligence to 4. To raise it to 3 they would only have to raise 3 of the abilities to the 3rd level.