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  • Templates Tied to Objects

    I was trying to figure out which templates involve being given some sort of external, granted (or taken) object or object-like construct to transfer power (as opposed to the power being inherent, like in Garou or a Mage's awakening of their pre-extant avatar, or passed on through a method that doesn't tie it to a specific, discrete object, a la the Embrace) I have a couple examples in mind, but wondering if I missed any.
    -The Selkie are a classic example, at least pre-C20 (not as sure if they work the same way there) - the Seal Coat can be passed on, and often was when the Selkie hit grumphood and banality threatened the Fae spirit.
    -The Corax develop a spirit egg and place it into the soul of the one to be transformed. Normally this is given to a child, so it is a sort of predestiny rather than "giving" or "passing on" the template, but it still represents an object that passes on the power.
    -I'm not sure if this would actually count, but if you found a phylactery from a dead mage and the Avatar was stuck and didn't reincarnate, you may be able to tap that phylactery to use its power and effectively go Mage.
    -Similarly, I have no idea if this would actually do something, but if you found a Risen's conduit and somehow the psyche was dead but the shadow remained (or maybe even if not), you could possibly tap the trapped entity for power in some way, shape, or form.
    -Strictly speaking, Arisen in Resurrection are similar. Where most Avatars already exist in the mage to be, Arisen involve the fusion with an outside power, at the cost of an atrophied part of your self.
    -On the dark side, the Skin Dancer rite can turn Garou pelts into a transformation ritual. Also, technically ghouling counts but not being a revenant or dhampir.

    Am I missing/forgetting any?

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    Fomori perhaps, many of them are results of using Wyrm corrupted products though there is ultimately a bane always involved.


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      Demons' thralls would fit the bill rather well, wouldn't they?