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Experience costs of Merits and Flaws, 20th anniversary

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  • Experience costs of Merits and Flaws, 20th anniversary


    Pretty much what the title says, I have seen in M20, V20 and W20 some lines on flaws "you must/can sacrifice the experience points to buy this flaw off", but never found how much experience per dot of merit or flaw, what are the values?

    Same could be asked of Backgrounds too.

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    In the old MET Larp rules, the going rate for merits and flaws was usually two-for-one - that is, it cost two xp per point of a merit to acquire it after game starts, or two per point of flaw to buy it off. That is probably a good start, though you may wish to adjust based on how much XP you give out - I think that was based on only gaining a couple each session (and also costs weren't as comparable - things tended to be far cheaper compared to tt rules and were more flat-costed, so upping that price isn't impossible).

    Backgrounds are less concrete. I have seen everything from straight 3 points to buy a dot (regardless of previous levels) to costing them identical to skills. The latter probably is a good way to go, though.l, unless you want to encourage or discourage the practice.


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      Yeah, I think it was 2x XP per Merit/Flaw point. an ST, it should be highly regulated when and if a merit or flaw can be bought. Same goes for backgrounds - some can come and go through RP without XP, but it's initiated by the player and more a Downtime in-between thing, it's best to be strict - they need a good reason and explanation. The XP cost matters less than that.

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        3xp per freebie.


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          Originally posted by Pnizzle View Post
          3xp per freebie.
          Where is this stated? I am looking book and page. Thanks.


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            Originally posted by lbeaumanior View Post

            Where is this stated? I am looking book and page. Thanks.
            DAV20 Corebook - pages 419 (merits/flaws cost as Background), 185 (Background point costs 2 x Current Rating in XP)
            M20 Corebook - p.253 (Background point costs 3 x Current Rating in XP)
            I think I've seen another version somewhere else, but can't remember right now


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              I saw it in the older books too.

              Just use whatever you want.

              I’d recommend the 3xp vice 2xp. I’ve tried it and it’s better.