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Rank/title and advanced pc/npc starting XP for Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling.

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  • Rank/title and advanced pc/npc starting XP for Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling.


    (This is my first post, and English is not my first language (French is), so I am sorry if the way I write might be hard to understand, and for any typos and errors. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications)

    In the book Vampire 20th, on page 79, there is an explanation on how much experience points you should give a character if he is more advanced than a starting character. Also, it shows what is the name of each ‘’categories/rank/title’’ of advanced characters.

    Kindred Age Category Experience Points

    Neonate 0-35
    Ancilla 75-220
    Elder 250-600
    Methuselahs 1000+

    That been said, In the other books I have (Werewolf 20th, Changeling 20th and Mage 20th), I have not founded this kind of information. I also have a few books of Mage 2nd and Mage revised, but I haven’t found anything useful in these books (but feel free to point it to me, and If I have the book in question, I will look again).

    I have also done some research on theses forums and founded theses links:

    (In the link above, the suggestion comes from Revised Werewolf storyteller handbook and it is given in the form of starting dots.)

    In the link above, we have this info (given in xp):

    Cliath 0-35, fostern 45-75, adren 85-220, athro 250-500, elder 600+

    And there are also these two next links:

    So, all of that been said, I am looking for 3 things for these 4 games:

    1 - I would like to know the ‘’rank/title/whatever’’ used in each game for different character. In fact, I have it for Vampire and Werewolf, and, I know for Mage it goes something like this: Initiate, disciple, adept, master. However, if you have something more detailed, please fell free to post it (for all four games). I have no idea about ‘’rank/title’’ used in the Changeling universe, but I would like to have it.

    2 – I would like to have the amount of XP you give a character (PC or NPC) when you want it more advance, like what I found officially in the V20 book, p.79 (written above). I would like to have this kind of info for Werewolf, Mage and Changeling.

    3 – I would also like to have the same info as in point 2, but in the format of ‘’starting dots’’ (like what I have founded on the first link in this post), but for Vampire, Mage and Changeling.

    Also, feel free to post any information that is a little different than what I have found.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your time!

    (The main reason I ask for all this is because I want to properly create my setting with all NPCs in the 2 or 3 cities where my game will take part.)

    P.S. If there is any kind of info regarding mortals, I will also take it!